Articles in Press

S.No   Article Name ###
1   Analyzing Effect of Waste Glass Powder in Concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement
2   Analyzing Effect of Waste Glass Powder in Concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement
3   Structural, Optical and Hall Effect Studies of Hot Wall Deposited Cdsc (0.7)Te(0.3) Thin Films
4   Smart Cane for Visually Impaired
5   Comparative study of CURE, Improved CURE and CURE-NS for Large Databases
6   Implementation and Design of Smart Blind Stick for Obstacle Detection and Navigation System
7   Automatic Detection of Squats in Railway Track
8   ZigBee based Data Communication System within Future Microgrids
9   Text Classification using Quantum Machine Learning: A Review
10   Application of Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter Algorithm in Parameter Estimation of Wind Turbine
11   An Experimental Study on Deterioration of Concrete in Coastal Region Structure and on M20 Grade Concrete
12   A Universal Remote Control System for a Smart Home Appliance
13   Corrosion Combating Effect of Some Nitrogen Containing Inhibitors on Mild Steel in Trichloroacetic Acid
14   Study of Quantum Levitation and Locking in High Temperature Superconductors and Ways of Cooling
15   Mechanical Properties of Concrete Incorporating GGBS, Waste Foundry Sand and Waste Ceramic Tiles
16   Behaviour of HVFA Concrete by Replacing Copper Slag by Sand in Addition to Glass Fibers
17   Thermal and Fatigue Analysis on Hot Box
18   A Study on Role of Training and Development Manager in the Star Hotels at Pune
19   Enzymatic and Non Enzymatic Antioxidants of Artocarpus heterophyllus Ripe Fruits
20   Finite Element Analysis of Composite Material Nut-Bolt
21   FPGA Implementation of Non Linear Equation Based Image Cryptosystem Using Different Adders
22   Phytochemical Investigation of Artocarpus Heterophyllus Fruit
23   MATLAB Software for GNSS Mission Planning
24   A Review of Trajectory Dataset Segmentation Methods
25   A Remote Sensing and GIS Approach to Watershed Management for Phalguni River Basin
26   Net-Metering for Home to Conserve Electrical Energy
27   Analysis of Multistorey Building with Steel Plate Shear Wall Using CYPE and ETABS Softwares
28   Comparison of Partitioning Algorithms for Categorical Data in Cluster
29   A Comparative Study of Mental Health Status and Stress Level between Male and Female College Students of District Hathras UP
30   Design & Experimentation on T-Shaped Fractal Antenna for Wireless Applications
31   A Comparative Study of the Ultimate Pile Load Capacity for Cohesive Soil
32   Information Security through Steganography
33   Enhancement of energy efficient routing and Minimized outage based on fuzzy optimization in VANET
34   Performance Evaluation of K-Means and EPBC (Enhanced Partitioning Based Clustering) on National Highway Authority
35   Efficient Improvement of Cognitive RadioNetwork with Massive Antenna
36   Effects of Chemical Reaction on Unsteady MHD Casson Fluid flow past a moving Infinite Inclined Plate through Porous Medium
37   Effect of Folior Application of Macronutrients (N, P and K) on Nutrient Uptake in Different Growth Stages of Green Gram
38   An Enhanced Data Mining Technique to improve the CRM using Association Rule Mining
39   Effect of Phosphorus and Zinc on Yield and Quality of Green Gram (Vigna Radiata L.) in Inceptisol
40   Geology & Engineering Properties of Nagar Parkar Granites, District Tharparkar, Sindh, Pakistan
41   Aerodynamic Optimization of Formula Student Racing Car
42   Implementation & Analysis of Clustering Techniques in Bioinformatics: Cancer Research
43   An Elaborated Review on Steganography Techniques
44   A Study on Carbon Nanotube (CNT) in Cement Mortar
45   Experimental Study on Coarse Aggregate Replaced by Ferro Chrome Slag
46   Theoritical Survey on 22Ton Class Excavator Swing Braking System
47   The Effect of Cross-Sectional Area and Height of Soil on Primary Wastewater Treatment
48   Integrated Water Resources Management for Lower Kopili River Basin
49   Isolation of Escheria Coli from Fruits and Vegetables in Kaduna Metropolis
50   C - Mean and CART for Classification in Data Mining Proposed Hybrid Algorithm
51   Bioconjugation of Iron Nanoparticles with the Enzyme L-asparaginase Synthesised from Escherichia Coli for Cancer Drug Delivery
52   Result Analysis on H2S Sholder Surfing improves Honeyword Encryption
53   Boolean Retrieval Model for Indexed Documents
54   Design and Development of Optimum HAC and Comprision with Flat Clustering in Searching Web Documents
55   A Brief Review of Various Change Detection Techniques for Hyper Spectral Images
56   Theoretical Exploration of Third Tier of Government and the Challenges of Democratic Governance in the Third World Nations - A Case Study of Nigeria
57   Online Marketing Trends
58   Effects of Partially Replacing Meta-Kaolin, Fly-Ash and Rice-Husk Ash on Flexural of Concrete
59   Wavelet Based Real Time Power Disturbances Monitoring
60   Robust Digital Watermarking for Colored Image using SVD and DWT Technique
61   Diagnosing Diseases via Artificial Intelligence Powered by New Hybrid System
62   Artificial Intelligence Based Teta Named Danger Detection and Analysis System
63   Real Time Implementation of Sensorless PMSM Drive Using MRAS Speed Estimation Technique
64   2.4 GHz Transceiver Design for Wireless Sensor Application
65   Design and Implementation of Sampling Rate Converter Using Symmetric Technique
66   Review Paper Biodiesel Research Work
67   Shear Strength Characteristics of Jarofix Treated Cochin Marine Clay
68   Dynamic Analysis of A Steel Structure for Horizontal and Vertical Loading With and Without Dampers
69   Comparative Study on Strength of Concrete by Replacing Fine Aggregate with Sea Sand
70   Tricuspid Valve-A Biomedical Engineering Challenge
71   Extending the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks
72   Design and Voltage Analysis of Power Converter Using Digital Controllers
73   A New Concept to Produce Bio-gas in a Space Station
74   Comparative Study of Data Mining Clustering Algorithms
75   Design and Analysis of Lifetime Efficient Protocol in Distributed Clustering of WSN
76   Highways Surface of Circumstance Inspection by Means of Edge Computing
77   Laser Based Security System Using Arduino UNO
78   Change Detection in Hyperspectral Images
79   Decision - Making on a Machinery Performance using Decision Tree
80   Three Dimensional Mathematical Models for Convective-Dispersive Flow of Pesticides in Porous Media
81   Finite Element Analysis of Crack
82   Process Planning and Information System in SME
83   Analysis of Effect of Temperature Gradient in Response of Steel Storage Tank using SAP
84   Poststernotomy Closure - Roads to Approach
85   Service-Oriented Intelligent Energetic Grid
86   Analysing Credit Risk using Statistical and Machine Learning Techniques
87   Mechanical Modal Vibration Analysis of Crankshaft of IC Engine
88   Detecting Malicious Account in Online Social Network using Proprietary Proguard Technology
89   Optimized and Design of 4th Order Length 28 Digital Differentiator Using Genetic Algorithm
90   A Review of Finite Element Analysis of Drop Test for Home Appliances
91   Flexural Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beam by Partially Replacing Pulverized Copper Slag for Cement
92   Performance Analysis of mm wave Communication Using Sub Allocation Frequency Reuse in MIMO
93   Gesture Mimicking Robotic Arm
94   Flexural Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beam by Finite Element Modeling
95   Structural Design in Timber
96   Generation of Site Specific Response Spectrum Curve
97   Experimental Study on Strength Properties of Flyash Based Geopolymer Light Weight Aggregate Concrete
98   Dynamic Analysis of Turbo Generator Frame Foundation
99   Foldable E-Bike
100   Automating Tactilegraphics for Visually Impaired to Have a Sophisticated Insight
101   Joystick and Voice Recognition for Physically Challenged and Paraplegic Persons
102   Satellite based Image Processing using Data mining
103   Review of Regenerative Braking in Electric Vehicles
104   Engineering Geological Characteristics of limestone Types for Concrete Production in Jamshoro Sindh, Pakistan
105   Auction Based Patient Health Detection Scheme Using Group Management Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks
106   Real-Time Cloud Monitoring Solution Using Prometheus Tool and Predictive Analysis using Arima Model
107   Pedestrian Crossing Behaviour Analysis at Intersections
108   Implementation of Solar Power System and Cost Analysis for an Institute: A Case Study
109   Use of Agricultural Waste Products in Concrete
110   Video Surveillance System for Home and Border Security
111   Intelligent Keyword Storage in Cloud Document System
112   Intelligent Trip Modeling for the Prediction
113   Facilitating Effective E-Agri Search Engine
114   Visual Allocation of Image Stamper Synthesizer Technique
115   Higher Dimensional Grammar for Detection of Various Objects
116   Stealth Aircraft Technology
117   Design Optimization of Catalytic Convertors in Diesel Engines for the Reduction of Back Pressure using Wire Mesh Arrangement and Partial Flow Technology in Bead Design
118   Additional Protection in Public Cloud using Random Key Genereation
119   Experimental Study on Fresh and Hardened Properties of Concrete by Incorporating Flyash, Metakaolin & Brick Powder By Partial Replacement of Cement for M40 Grade Concrete
120   Study and Design of Cooling Tower
121   Performance Comparison of Perturb and Observe MPPT Algorithm
122   Study on Energy Production from Train Suspension
123   Video Surveillance System for Home and Border Security
124   An Efficient Anti-Collusion Data Sharing Mechanism for Data Confidentiality for Dynamic Groups
125   Strength Behaviour of Cement Concrete By Supplementing the Coconut Shell &Egg Shell Powder as the Fine Aggregate at Different Dosages, Fly Ash for the Cement
126   Study of Properties of Fe Dopped BaTiO3 Prepared by Sol Gel Method
127   Thermodynamic Parameters of Quaternary Ammonium Salts TMAC,TEAB,TBAB and TBAI in Aqueous and Methanolic Solutions at 298.16K,303.16K,308.16K and 313.16K by Conductivity Measurements
128   Hazards and Its Effects of Arc Welding to Welders and People Belonging to the Welding Zone
129   Hazard Identification of Cranes and their Control Measures
130   Use of Productive Aprons among Small Scale Welders in Industries to Reduce Occupational Hazard
131   Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety in Industries
133   Masonry In-Fill Modeling and Its Influence on RCC Framed Structure under Lateral Loads
134   Experimental Investigation on the Performance and Emission Characteristics of a CI Engine with Rice Bran Biodiesel Blends
135   Automatic Wall Painting Robot
136   Testing of Fatigue for Coated and Uncoated on Aluminium Alloy 6063
137   Analysis of Annual Variations of Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Deepor Beel, Assam, India
138   Analysis and Design of Mobile Tower using ETABS
139   Effect of Polypropylene Fibers in Geopolymer Concrete
140   Automatic Drainage Cleaning System
141   The Application of Tools and Techniques of Total Productive Maintenance in Manufacturing
142   Experimental Study on Eco-Friendly Concrete with Fly Ash and Waste Glass
143   Causes and Effects of Accidents on Construction Site
144   Checkpoint and Replication based Fault Tolerance for Map Reduce Framework in Cloud Environment
145   Safety and Hazards in Petro Chemical Industry
146   Health Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation and Preventive Techniques
147   Implementation of Vehicle Monitoring System in Oil and Gas Industries
148   Analysis of Incident and Accident Prevention in Construction Industries
149   Synthesis and Characterization of the Complex of 2-Bromovalero Hydroxamic Acid and Iron(III)
150   Iris Recognition System: A Review
151   Review of Leakage Power Reduction Technique in CMOS Circuit using DSM Technology
152   High Performance Concrete Review Paper
153   Experimental Study on Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete with Partial replacement of Fine Aggregate by Quarry Dust
154   Fingerprint Recognition- A Proposed Method
155   Logic Design and Implementation of Half-Adder and Half Subtractor using NAND Gate Given the VHDL Descriptions
156   Simulation Using Monte Carlo Technique Based on Queuing Theory of Bio-Clinical Laboratory
157   Study of Engineering Properties of Bholari Sand Kotri District Jamshoro Sindh Pakistan
158   Integration of Data Tables Using Ontological and Terminological Resource
159   Study on the Mechanical Behaviour of Bamboo Fiber Based Polymer Composites
160   Partial Replacement of Cement with Fly Ash: Review Paper
161   Industrial Solid Waste Management Practices in Medium Sized and Small Scale Industries
162   Physical and Chemical Contamination Studies of Drinking Water in the Vicinity of Jamshoro Area (Jetharo Village) Sindh, Pakistan
163   Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis of Material Handling Semi Automatic Hydraulic Lift In Industry
164   Safety Measures to Eliminate Human Hazards in Steel Foundry
165   Industrial Noise and Its Effects on Human
166   Experimental Assessment of Sub Surface Irrigation on Parched Territories by using Clay Porous Pipe in a Model
167   Automated Dynamic Query formation for Database Queries using Ranking
168   Performance and Emission Analysis of Manila Tamarind and Custard Apple Seed Oil As Bio Diesel
169   Performance and Emission Test on Castor And Cottonseed Oil Blended With Diesel As an Alternative Fuel In Diesel Engine
170   Fire and Risk Analysis of Paint Shops of an Automobile Industry
171   Performance and Emission Analysis of Biodiesel Using Polystyrene Blended With Diesel on Single Cylinder Diesel Engine
172   Trial Setup for Hot Machining Process to Increase Tool Life with Torch Flame
173   A Secure and Efficient Real Time Service Provisioning Using Internet of Things (IoT)
174   Fixed Water Fog Fire Fighting System
175   Performance and Emission Characteristics of Eucalyptus and Madhua Oil Diesel Blend in Four Stroke Diesel Engine
176   Recent Advance Straddling Bus by using Arm Microcontroller and Programming
177   Alumni Interactive System using Mining
178   Wireless Communication Based Multipurpose Agriculture Robot
179   A Study on Types and Quality of Aggregates Produced in LONI KOT Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway Used in Building Construction
180   Geotech Properties of Petaro Crushing Plants Coarse & Fine Aggregates used in Concrete Asphalt in Road & Building Construction, District Jamshoro Sindh, Pakistan
181   Hydraulic Investigation of Floating Miniature Venturiflume
182   A Case Study at Eicher Motors Limited, Indore (MP) for Optimize Delay Period in Assembly Line using Kilbridge Wester Methods and to Enhance Productivity and Efficiency of Production
183   Thasmai System to Attain the Sustainable Development Goals UNDP
184   Banana-Carbon Hybrid Composite Reinforced With Epoxy: An Experimental Study
185   Performance Based Seismic Analysis of Shear wall for Tall Building
186   Dynamic Properties Comparision with Replacemnts of Brick Powder, Metakaolin, Marble Powder in Concrete
187   Fabrication of Mini Agro Bike for Multi Purpose Agriculture Use
188   Development of Underwater Monitoring Wireless Sensor Network For Disaster Management System
189   Artificial Intelligence Based Bank Cheque Signature Verification System
190   Multipurpose Rural Automated Machinery
191   Manufacture of Bricks using Laterite Quarry Dust and Melted Plastic
192   A Survey Paper on Influence Maximization in Online Social Network
193   Privacy Protection in E-Healthcare System
194   An Improved Traffic Sign Detection Using Fuzzy Segmentation and ANN
195   Automated Segmentation Of Brain Tumour using Mr Images By Fuzzy-C Mean Algorithm
196   Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil using Terrazyme
197   Implementation of Well Method in One Round Idea for Encryption of Data
198   Analysis of High Dimensional Data Clustering
199   Design and Simulation of Kuka Robotic Arm using CATIA and Power MILL Software
200   A Review of Various Black Hole Detection Techniques in MANET
201   Semantic Search Engine for Health Information
202   Performance Analysis of Ci Engine with the Mixture of Diesel and Bio Diesel Blend
203   Face Detection and Recognition for Automatic Attendance System Using Artificial Intelligence Concept
204   Automation in Pressure Vessel Engineering Drawing By Using PV-Elite Data in AutoLISP Programming
205   A Study of Lateral Deflection of Pile in Black Cotton Soil
206   Experimental Investigation on Fly-Ash Bricks Mix Design Using Metal Chips
207   Performance Analysis of MIMO OFDM System under Different Fading Channels
208   IoT Based Home Automation using NODE MCU
209   Design & Construction Methodology for Silo in Cement Plant
210   Web Based Training and Recommendation System
211   Stabilization of Sub Base Soil using Crusher Dust
212   Design Enhancements of GUI Based Host Hardware Acceptance Test Software
213   Flexural Behavior of Self-Compacting Concrete Reinforced with Polypropylene Fibers
214   Topographical Analysis of Kolhapur District with the Help of Remote Sensing and GIS
215   Evalution and Comparison of Phase Change Materials (PCMs) in a Spherical Capsule
216   Online Analytical Process in Education System
217   Brain Tumor Detection Using Principle Component Analysis and Support Vector Machine
218   Internet of Things (IoT) In the Field of Women Security
219   A Novel Approach in Image Encryption using Hybrid AES (Advanced Encryption Standards)
220   Fuzziness in Polynomial Equations
221   K-Nearest Neighbor Generation in External Memory Model
222   Corrosion Studies of AA6061-SiC Composites and AA6061-4.5%Cu- SiC Hybrid Composites before and after Friction Stir Welding
223   Managing Cloud Storage using a Cost Efficient Cuckoo Hashing Scheme
224   Assessment of Flexural Strength of fibre Based Concrete
225   Classification of Security and Privacy Risk in Cloud Computing: A Review
226   Self Guided Auto Platform for Handicapped
227   A Study on Mechanical Properties of Self Curing High Strength Concrete by Using Sodium Ligno Sulphonate
228   Design & Speed Regulation of Linear Switch Reluctance Motor
229   Solar Energy Potential and Future Energy of India: An Overview
230   Design and Analysis of Level-1 DWT Architecture using Vedic Multiplier
231   Implementation of IoT using Raspberry Pi
232   A Comparision Study on the Fesibility of FaL-G and QuFaL-G Bricks
233   Design and Fabrication of Multipurpose Agriculture Vehicle
234   Improving Geographic Routing in Mobile Ad-hoc Network via Adaptive Position Update and Mobility Based Forwarding
235   A Study on Mechanical Properties of Self Curing M65 Grade Concrete by Using Polyethylene Glycol
236   Fast Growing Technology 5G: Review Paper
237   Solar Power Based Approach for Charging of VRLA Batteries and Mobile Phones for Street Vendors
238   Vkiram Seth: The Master of Art and Narrative
239   Constructing a Predictive Model for Detection of Breast Cancer
240   Performance Improvement of 5G Network Using Up/Down Link Co-Ordinated Multipoint Algorithm
241   A Real Time Framework for Monitoring IoT Devices and Overview of Security Challenges
242   Fire Detection System using RGB Color Model
243   Enhanced Mobile Ad-hoc Routing Technique based on Reduction in Packet Loss
244   A Study on Table Driven Protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
245   Three Wheel Multipurpose Agriculture Vehicle
246   A Review on WSN for Detection of Natural Disaster Using Data Mining
247   Phytoremediation: Green Technology: A Review
248   A Wavelet Packet Denoising of Eeg Signal for High Speed Transmission
249   A Study of Internet Marketing on SMEs
250   Design and Analysis of Cylinder Head of an Engine
251   A Review on Information Hiding Methods
252   Fabrication of Advance Evaporative Cooling System
253   Design and Analysis of Vertical Axis Double Stage Savonius Wind Turbine
254   Digital Image Steganalysis by Statistical Approach
255   Fabrication of Semi-Automatic Dish Washing Machine
256   Analyze the Retention Criteria for the Star Performers in the Organization
257   Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment in Fettling Process
258   Stable Cluster Head Selection in MSN using Hierarchical Leach
259   Review on PLC Programming Languages with Bottle Filling Industrial Application
260   Performance Analysis of Adaptive Channel Estimation Technique for MIMO-OFDM Systems
261   Application of Extradosed Prestressing
262   Right Product to the Right Customer using Cross Selling in Insurance
263   Recognition of Plants by Leaf Image using ANN System
264   Improved Steganography and Steganalysis using Image Processing Technique
265   An Efficient and Interference A Ware Multihop in Submarine Sensor Network
266   Designing Safe Patient Healthcare using IoT
267   A Brief Survey on Introducing Software Testing in the Beginning of the Course
268   Optical Characterizations of (Sb2S3)1-x(Bi2S3)x Thermally Evaporated Thin Films
269   Finding the Topic-Specific Twitter Expert using JGibbLDA and TF-IDF
270   A Study on HRM Practices and Sales Performance of Small Scale Industries
271   Detection of Diseases using Nail Image Processing Based on Multiclass SVM Classifier Method
272   Chlorophyll Content Meter Instrumentation Using Raspberry Pi System on Chip & Camera Detector
273   HMM Segmentation Approach for Offline Cursive Handwritten Words
274   Anti-Invariant Submanifolds of S-Manifold
275   Automated Temperature and Humidity Monitoring and Control System using IoT
276   Smart System for People with Dementia
277   An Enhanced MRF Model for Arbitrary Shaped Occluded Objects Segmentation
278   WI-FI Monitored Autonomous Robotic Car using Raspberry Pi
279   LI-FI Smart Technology in Wireless Communication: Review Paper
280   Analysis of EEG Signals for Detection of Seizure Abnormalities
281   1H NMR Studies of Proton Conducting Polymer Blend Electrolyte Based On PVA: PVP: NH4 X (X=NO3-, CH3COO-)
282   Mobile Application for IoT based Smart Parking System
283   A Comparison of Seven-Level Inverter Topologies with Minimum Number of Switches for Induction Motor Drive
284   Big Data Computing and Clouds: Trends and Future Directions
285   Microsoft Cognitive Services
286   A Pragmatic Check out System for Remedy Eyeglasses
287   Comparative Study on Flexure Behavior of Ferrocement Composite SLAB
288   Market Basket Analysis for Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques
289   IoT Based Industrial Parameters Monitoring and Alarming System using Arduino - A Novel Approach
290   An Implementation of Children Tracker Application Using Raspberry Pi
291   OneClick Services Home Service Communication System
292   No More Power Shutdowns
293   Role of Social Media in Social Change Issues and Concerns
294   Defluoridation of Water using Mosambi Peel Powder as Adsorbent: Kinetics and Equilibrium Studies
295   Web Mining for Information Retrieval
296   Design of Rail Over Bridge
297   Analytical Study on the Physical and Mechanical Properties of the Bamboo Fibre Reinforced Epoxy Composites
298   The NearBy Advisor
299   Bolting Strength of Composite Nut-Bolt FEA Analysis
300   Extraction of Spread Spectrum Hidden Data from Image using M-IGLS Algorithm
301   Sentiments Analysis of Twitter Data using K- Nearest Neighbour Classifier
302   ANN Based Electronic Nose using LabVIEW and Arduino
303   Smart Automated Restaurant
304   Automated Gate of Animal Cage using Arduino Mega 2560 and Raspberry Pi
305   Existence and Survey of Medicinal Plants in Maruthakulam, Tirunelveli District,Tamil Nadu, India
306   Evaluating the Influence of Online Opinions on Consumer Behavior
307   A Study on Employees Perception Regarding CSR Initiatives of the Companies in India
308   The Effect of Different Intake Air Filters on DI Diesel Engine Combustion and Its Exhaust Characteristics
309   Antitheft System with Android Based Smart Home Automation
310   Application of Deep Learning Techniques for Text Classification on Small Datasets
311   Pre-Release Analysis and Success Prediction of Movies Box Office Performance
312   Optimization and Characterization of Al5052/ Sic Metal Matrix Composite
313   Smart Garbage Monitoring System Using IoT
314   Experimental Study of High Strength Concrete (M70) Using Manufactured Sand
315   Study on Impact of Currency Fluctuation on the Investment Pattern of Gold
316   Design of Grounding System at 150 kV Krapyak Substation by Grounding System Software
317   Reviewing Writable System
318   Automatic LPG Cylinder Booking and Leakage Detection using Arduino UNO
319   Prevention of Phishing Attack on Online Voting System
320   Greedy Search and Pruning based Sports Management System
321   Analysis of Power Converters: A Review
322   Analysis and Design of Multi Storey (G+6) Residential Building using Staad Pro
323   Driverless Automation Vehicle
324   Investigations on Finding Mechanical Strength of Concrete by using Additive K100
325   A Hybrid Approach using CF and SLM Technique with Cancellation of Noise to Reduce PAPR
326   A Review on Design and Analysis of Lifetime Efficient Protocol in Distributed Clustering of WSN
327   AutoPlay - Cricket Score Predictor
328   Application of Forklift for Sensitive Material Handling
329   Two Wheel Aisle Forklift
330   Road Accident Alert System using Data Mining
331   A Study on Corrosion Resisting Property of Conventional Concrete and Geopolymer Concrete using Natural and Synthetic Inhibitors
332   Forex Trading System
333   Demonstrator of a Fingerprint Recognition Algorithm Into a Low Power Soc Board using Under ATM Application
334   Implementation of 5S in Small Scale Screen Printing Industry: A Case Study
335   Enhancement of Heat Transfer in Water Heater with Fins
336   Study on Effect of Silica Fume on Mechanical Properties of Concrete
337   Concept of Hybrid Solar Windmill by using Solar Concrete Segment
338   Shear Strengthening of RC Beams using Externally Bonded GFRP
339   Restaurant Recommendation System Using Customer’s Data Analysis
340   An Experimental Investigation of EGGSHELL POWDER as a Partial Replacement of Cement in Paverblock
341   Digitization in Transportation: A Review
342   Real Time Video Encryption for Secure Multimedia Transfer: A Novel Approach
343   A Review on Design of Sampling Rate Converter using Symmetric Technique
344   Startup Buddy
345   An Automated Shopping cart using RFID
346   Social Network for Volunteering Activities
347   Department Automation System
348   Modification of Plant Layout to Upgrade the Safety through the Risk Assessment in a Wire Cable Manufacturing Industry
349   Autonomous Vacuum Cleaner with Smartphone Compatibility
350   Cloud Based Attack Detection
351   Smart Home Automation with Geofencing
352   Chatbot for Train Ticket Booking Enquiries
353   Low Power Wireless Sensor Network Energy Transfer using Robot
354   Investigation on the Micro-Structure and Mechanical Properties of Heat Affected Zone for SMAW in IS-2062
355   Baggage Tracing and Handling System using RFID and IoT for Airports
356   Review on Thermal and Structural Analysis of Gas Turbine Blade by Computational Method
357   Microcontroller Based Home Security System
358   Experimental Analysis of Waste Heat recovery of Refrigerator to Develop Compact System
359   Effect of Varying Compression Ratio on Engine Performance and Emissions in a Twin Spark Ignition Engine Fueled with Blends of Gasoline and Ethanol
360   Strengthening of RC Column using Synthetic Scrim Reinforced Ferro Cement Jacketing
361   Biometric Authentication using Iris for Email Access
362   Suspicious Node Removal in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network using ODMRP Protocol
363   Oil Spill Detection in Oceans using Threshold Segmentation and SVM classification
364   Human Intervention in Causing Mosquito Extinction a Review
365   Vehicle Tracking with Geo Fencing on Android Platform
366   Automated Doorbell and Door Control System Using Raspberry Pi
367   Monitoring the Over Speed of Vehicle and Ambulance Management with Arduino Sensor on Android Platform
368   Advanced Employee Monitoring and Work Allocation System
369   A Study of various Techniques and Algorithms for Speaker Recognititon
370   In Vitro and Insilico Analysis of Inhibition Efficiency of Synthetic Random Copolyester with Chalcones Moiety Against Human Pathogens
371   Design of Low Power Booth Multiplier Based Reconfigurable FIR Filter for DSP Applications
372   Similarity Amongst Us: An Invariant Transformational Mapping
373   Experimental Evaluation of thermal Insulated Light Weight Precast Wall Panels
374   Information Seeking Behavior of Academic Staff in Wachemo University, Ethiopia
375   Big Data and CPS (Cyber Physical System) used in Pharmacy to Alert on Expiration of Medicine
376   Data Retrieval using Face Recognition- A Review
377   Wearable Textile for Persistent Illness Monitoring
378   Cloud Based Attack Detection: A Review
379   Data Acquisition for Effective Agriculture using Field Sensors
380   4G Co-Operative Relay Network using MIMO-OFDM
381   Secured Cardless Payment Method using Bluetooth Technology
382   Fake Detection on Social Network Accounts Based on Image Watermarking
383   Experimental Investigation on Partial Replacement of E-Waste as Coarse aggregate in Concrete
384   Land Information System for the Management of Sabon Lugbe Southwest Extension Layout Lugbe, Abuja Municipal Area Council FCT, Abuja
385   Generating Electricity by Using Exhaust Gas
386   Disaster Recovery Using Networks and Smartphones
387   Low Contrast Color Images Enhancement Using Recursive Histogram Enhancement Algorithm
388   Challenges in Safety Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment in Foundries
389   App Store with Counterfeit Activity Detection and Restriction System
390   Smart Assistance for Blind People Using Bonic Eye Using Raspberry Pi
391   Experimental Investigation of GFRG
392   Sustainability Performance in Infrastructure Projects In the State of Kuwait
393   Tower-Less Emergency Communication Service for Smartphones
394   Carbon dioxide Snuffing System
395   Developing a Web Based Android Application for Auction Based E-Commerce System
396   Increasing Adoption of BIM in Indian Construction Industry
397   Limited Restoration of Fly ash with Cement in Rigid Pavement
398   Performance and Emission Analysis of Di Diesel Engine using Bio Diesel as Azolla Algae
399   Automated Alert System through Eye Detection
400   Project Guidance Portal with Plagiarism Detection
401   Research on Information Resources Sharing Security Based on Cloud Computing
402   A New Cloud Security and Confidentiality Model by Encryption and Data Monitoring
403   Recycled Plastic and Coconut Fibre used in Concrete Paver Block
404   Experimental Study on use of Waste Rubber Tyres in Road Pavement
405   Intelligent Safety Information Gathering System using A Smart Black Box
406   Hemp Fiber Composite Fabrication and Analysis
407   Bacterial Stabilization of Soil Bricks or Bacterial Bricks
408   Mycel Bricks – An Eco-Friendly Building Material using Macroscopic Fungi
409   Arduino Based Fire Fighting Robot with High Pressure Water Sprinkler
410   Gesture Control Robot using Accelerometer and Voice Control for the Blind
411   Geotechnical Properties of Soil using Various Waste Materials –A Case Study
412   Plant Disease Identification using Image Classification Techniques
413   Online Based Social Question and Answer System
414   Study on Partial Replacement of Cement by Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS) and Sand by Garbage ASH
415   A Study of Teacher Effectiveness in Relation to Organizational Climate
416   Dynamic Replication and Archival Processing in Cloud Based Upon Client Monitoring
417   Auction Based Health Monitoring Scheme using Group Management Techniques in WSN
418   Embedded Based Road Accident Prevention and Safety Measures
419   MOOCLink: Building and Utilizing Linked Data from Massive Open and Online Courses
420   Automatic Smart Irrigation using Wireless Sensor Network and Raspberry Pi
421   Automated Fruit Quality Assessment Via Near Infrared Spectroscopy
422   Seismic Analysis of Multistory Building (Soft Storey) With Comparison of IS Codes & ACI Codes using ETABS
423   Smart Tank Water Monitoring System using IOT Cloud Server at Home Office
424   Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange
425   Optimization of Energy and Cost Effectiveness in MIMO Channel
426   Utilizing Agricultural By- Products for Removing Heavy Metals from Industrial Waste Water- A Comparative Study
427   Privacy Protection on Cloud Data
428   THD Analysis of 3-Phase 2-Level and 3-Phase 3-Level Neutral Point Clamped Inverter
429   Embedded Based Neonatal Resuscitation Inhibitor System
430   RAILBOT: A Railway (IRCTC) Chatbot
431   Effect of High Temperature on Structural Performance of Concrete
432   Maritime Border Alert System and Shutdown of Outboard Motors
433   Impact Resistance Analysis of Hybrid Composite Material for Aircraft Fuselage
434   Fabrication of Four wheel Steering Drive Control by Bluetooth Device
435   Water Tank Cleaning Robot
436   Analysis and Realization of SPWM and SVPWM Direct Torque Controlled Induction Motor Drive
437   Hybrid Approach to Detect Face in an Organisation
438   Rectangular Microstrip Antenna with Siva Linga Shaped Slotted for X-Band Applications
439   Gesture Recognition Via Neural Network
440   Scheduling Algorithm for High Density MIMO Channels
441   Battery Operated Forklift Vehicle
442   RainWater Harvesting for College Building
443   Decision Making On Resource Allocation for Strategic Planning
444   Implementation of Traffic Density Reduction
445   Smart Assistive Shoes and Cane: Solemates for the Blind People
446   Mechanical Characterization of Aluminium Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite
447   Lifesaver-A Heartattack Detection Device
448   Application of Polymers in Denture and Its Developments
449   An Efficient Predictive Network Anamoly Detection and Visualization
450   Smart Parking System
451   Anamoly Detection for Road Accidents Using Pic Microcontroller
452   Water Quality Index of Ground Water
453   Design and Estimation of Pervious Pavement Block for College Road
454   Literature Review on Design and Simulation of Industrial Robotic Arm using CAD/CAM Software
455   Energy Measurement in Automated Solar Powered Irrigation System
456   Theory of Superconductivity and Use of Superconductors in Magnetic Levitation System
457   Design and Fabrication of Coconut Crushing Machine Using Four Bar Mechanism
458   Range-Based Iterative Distributed Localization Algorithm for Mobile Anchor Node-Based Localization in Wireless Sensor Network
459   Experimental Investigation of Natural and Artificial Fiber Composites
460   Development of Numerical Model for Transients in Water Hammer Situation with Surge Tank for Prediction of Surge Fluctuation and Validation in Case of Different Hydro Power Projects
461   Patient Health Monitoring System using Internet of Things
462   Development of Smart Egg Incubator System Using Arduino
463   Deadline Constrained Cloud Computing Resources Scheduling by Hybrid of Particle Swarm Optimization with Ant Colony Optimization
464   Stabilization of Soil Using Egg Shell Powder and Quarry Dust
465   An Investigation on Compressed Stabilized Earthern Blocks Constructed From Those Soil of Padappai Locate
466   Controlling Wheel Chair using EMG muscle Sensor
467   3-D Printed Antennas: A Review
468   Smart Energy Meter
469   Interlinking of Rivers in Maharashtra
470   Differences in Learning Style Preferences Among Medical and Engineering Students in South Bangalore
471   Design of MULTIPURPOSE of Smart Robot Car for Various Application
472   Seed Sowing Robot
473   Enhancing Fingerprint Liveness Detection from Single Image Using Low-Level Features and Shape Analysis Using SURF and PHOG Algorithm
474   Effects and Analysis of Electromagnetic Radiation from Mobile Phone on Human Body
475   Optimum Use of Concrete Grade in Tension Zone of a Structural Member
476   A High Performance Lightweight Construction Material for Interior Wall Gypwall
477   Smart Energy Meter for Advanced Metering and Billing Alert Framework
478   Studies on Fibre Reinforced Concrete Using Bottom Ash as Fine Aggregate
479   Implementation of 5s To Improve Quality and Increase the Efficiency of Organization
480   Device for Car Passenger Safety During Collision
481   Smart Sensor Based Indoor Accident Prevention Circuit for Specially Abled Persons
482   Experimental Study on Permeable Pavement Pervious Asphalt with Drainage Channel
483   Voice Recognition System-via Voice
484   Design and Study of Transmission System for Electric Vehicles
485   Emergency Health Transmission System via Internet
486   Appliances Control in Virtual Reality using Leap Motion Somatosensory (LMSS) Controlled Switches
487   Electronic Voting System Using Aadhaar Card
488   Experimental Investigation on Partially Replacement of Cement with Marble Wastes
489   Design of T-Shaped Slot Antenna for Radar Applications in Automobiles
490   Computational Investigation of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer Confined Reinforced Concrete Exterior Beam-Column Joints
491   Synthesis Characterization of TiO2doped Ferric Oxide Nanoparticles and their Antibacterial Activity
492   Survey Paper on H2S Shoulder Surfing Improves Honeyword Encryption
493   Smart Shopping Trolley using RFID
494   Design and Analysis of Patch Antenna for Bone Cancer Detection
495   A Study of the Socio-Economic Problems of Scheduled Caste Students in Higher Education Special Reference to Assam
496   Influence of Pre-soaked Super Absorbed Polymers on Mechanical Properties of High Performance Concrete
497   Performance Analysis of Data Encryption Algorithms using AES BLOWFISH and SNAP
498   Bank Management System
499   Ultrasonic Blind Stick with GPS Tracking System
500   High -Speed Detection of Vehicle for Avoidance of Accidents on Roads
501   Automatic Accident Detection
502   Vertical Handover Technique for Femto System
503   Implementation of Automatic Indo-Western Commode
504   Digilocker Cloud Storage - Overview of Privacy Protection Security Measures
505   Design and Analysis of Equitable Antenna for Cognitive Radio Applications
506   Bug Detection Tool for Websites
507   A Perspective Survey on Opinion Mining Tools and Techniques
508   SSR Mitigation Using PV Solar STATCOM
509   Analysis of Correlation-Coefficient Between Water Temperature and Macroinvertebrates of Kishanpura Lake
510   Design of Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) With Low Power using Predistortion Technique
511   Design of Low Power and High Performance Carry Save Adder Using Dynamic Logic
512   Control of Hybrid Diesel-Wind-PV based Energy Generation System with Brushless Generators by GSM
513   Price Comparison of Computer Parts Using Web Scraping
514   Smart Face Recognition Security Based On Raspberry Pi
515   Studies on Bond And Flexural Strength of Sisal Fibre Rope Reinforced Concrete
516   An Efficient Batch Authentication Scheme to Identify Invalid Signatures in Mobile Computing
517   IOT Based Underground Cable Fault Detector
518   Portable Arrangement for Plastic Extruder
519   Touch Screen Based Advanced Menu Display and Ordering System for Restaurants
520   Apache Cloudstack: A Reliable and Scalable Cloud Computing Platform
521   Applicability of Big Data Techniques to Smart Home
522   Placement Predict: A Review of Engineering Graduate Placement Statistics in India
523   The Role of ICT in Knowledge Management Processes: A Review
524   Use of Buckypaper in Future Aircrafts
525   Energy Resources and Environment
526   Drunken Driver Detection & Alarming System with Automated Braking System
527   A Study on Outlier Detection for Temporal Data
528   Energy Consumption Analysis of Static and Mobile WSN Using Manual Sink Placement Using Ns3
529   An UBN (Urban Bus Navigation System) and Embodying Ideas for Urban Bus Riders using Internet of Things by using GPS, GSM, IR Technology
530   Arduino Based Automatic Plant Watering System
531   Smart Shopping Cart in Super Market
532   Industrial Security System
533   Investigation of Phase Change Material Based On Thermal Storage System for Crop Dryer Using Solar Energy
534   Designing a Conventional Mobile Phone Charger using Bike Exhaust gas
535   Emotion Based Music Player
536   An Improved Elman Neural Network Classifier for classification of Medical Data for Diagnosis of Diabetes
537   Rational Network Bandwidth Distribution in IaaS
538   Detecting Malwares and Search Rank Fraud in Google Search Using Rabin Karp Algorithm
539   Power Quality improvement by using Shunt Active Power Filter
540   Power Generation by Energizing the Speed Breaker Using Piezo Electric Transducers for Automatic Street Lighting
541   A Study to Assess the Knowledge of Staff Nurses Regarding Antenatal Assessment of Fetal Well Being Working in Mahila Chikitsalaya Sanganeri Gate Jaipur Rajasthan
542   Underwater Communication Using Li-Fi Technology
543   Highway Overspeed Detecter and Alarming System
544   Design of smoke detection using Microcontroller
546   Challenges and Opportunities in Insurance Sector
547   Feature Extraction of PCG Signal using MFCC
548   Storm Surge Analysis using Stochastic Simulation
549   Iot Based Health Monitoring and Safety Bot
550   A Safe Ordered and Speedy Emergency Navigation Approach
551   Automatic Load Shedding With Microcontroller
552   Synergetic Research Response Classifiers for Multiple Domains
553   Iterative Classifier Fusion System Android Malware Detection
554   Design and Analysis of Improved Multiband Antenna Using Hexagonal Patch with Modified L-Slot and I- Slot for Wideband Applications
555   WSN for Detection of Natural Disaster Using Data Mining
556   Vibration Analysis on Three-Axle Truck in Low Speed Induced By Sinusoidal Road Pavement
557   Smart Parking System Based on Dynamic Resource Sharing
558   A Review Paper on Cost Analysis of Self Compacting Geopolymer Concrete Using Waste Foundry Sand With Self Compacting Cement Concrete (SCC) and Geopolymer Concrete (GPC)
559   Implementation of Biometric Individual Identity in Healthcare and Fingerprint Recognition
560   Smart City Tunneling
561   A Review on: Automatic LPG Cylinder Booking and Leakage Detection using Arduino UNO
562   Automated Gate of Animal Cage Using Arduino Mega 2560
563   Real-Time Driver Drowsiness Detection System Based on Visual Information
564   Virtual Reality for Real Estates
565   Morphological Parameter Estimation Derived From DEM Using GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques
566   Behavior of Concrete Utilizing Silica Fume as a Partial Replacement of Cement and Plastic Waste as a Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregates
567   Morphometric Analysis of Sub Watersheds in Nilgiri District, Tamilnadu using Remote Sensing and GIS
568   Implementation of Test Pattern Techniques using BIST Architecture
569   Design and Implementation of Ternary Memory Using FPGA
570   Design and Implementation of Time and Frequency Synchronization
571   RFID Based E-Attendance System & Child Security System
572   Facial Expression Recognition for Stress Management to Annotate Music
573   Analysis of Landcover and Landuse Dynamics in Oshimili South, L.G.A Nigeria, Using Remote Sensing and GIS
574   Detection and Diagnosis on Online Social Network Mental Disorders using Convolutional Neural Network
575   Finding Frequent Item Set using Apriori Algorithm for Online Shopping (Ekart)
576   Data Hiding with Adaptive Bitstream Steganography Cryptosystem
577   Stock Market Prediction System using Hadoop
578   CRM Application For Analizing the Sales Using Data Mining Techniques and Business Intelligence
579   Artificial Intelligence Powered Banking Chatbot
580   Smart Shopping using QR
581   An Approach Towards Autism Spectrum Disorders
582   Experimental Investigation of Recycled Alkali Activated Slag in Plain and Reinforced Concrete
583   Self Assessment System for Blind People in Library Management System
584   Determination of Watershed Morphological Parameters Using Remote Sensing and GIS
585   Automatic Control/Block Over User Comments on Online Social Network
586   Movie Success Prediction based on Classical and Social Factors
587   Patient and Staff Satisfaction Model Using Queuing Theory
588   Effects of Aluminium Addition on the Mechanical Properties of Al-Glass Composites
589   Heart Disease Prediction System Using Data Mining
590   Personalized Web Search Based On Client Side Ontology
591   A Result Paper on Outsourced Revocation of Encryption Based on Identity in Cloud Computing
592   Hinglish 2 Hindi Converter: A Review
593   Meeting Organizer
594   Online Management System for Automobile Services
595   Intuitionistic Generalized Semi Regular Cokernal Compact Spaces
596   Examination Hall and Seating Arrangement Application using PHP
597   An Open Source Application for Privacy Preserving Multi Keyword Ranked Search over Encrypted Cloud Data Using PHP
598   Tool for SQL Injection Detection on Websites
599   A Model Mobile Phone Based Livestock Health Advisory System
600   A Study on Level of Home Environment Among Secondary School Students of Champhai Town, Mizoram with Reference to Gender and Types of School
601   Web Crawler Design for Data Warehousing
602   A Comparative Analysis of Student’s Continuous Internal Assessment using Decision Tree Algorithms
603   Effective Object Boundary Detection using Color Double Opponency
604   Optimization of Surface Roughness Parameters for Cutting in Wire EDM by Taguchi Method on Al 6063
605   Crime Prevention with Data Warehouse using OLAP through Business Intelligence
606   Preparation And Characterization Of Potato Starch Based Film Blended With CaCo3 Nanoparticles
607   Parametric Optimization of TIG Welded Aa6351 Joints Using Taguchi Method
608   New Channel Coding Methods for Satellite Communication
609   Behaviour of Structure with Interaction of Fluid
610   A Survey on Driver Drowsiness Detection Techniques
611   Design and Construction of an ‘Improved’ Anaerobic Digester
612   Techniques and Implementation of Face Spoof Recognition: Perspectives and Prospects
613   Review Paper on Sentiments Analyzer by Using a Supervised Joint Topic Modeling Approach
614   Rehabilitation with Occular Prosthesis
615   Small Sized Vision Based System for Blinds
616   Online Suppression of Motion Artifacts During Treadmill ECG
617   Review Paper on Implementation of Mining Facets Automation for the Searched Queries
618   Line Balancing Technique for Labour Optimisation and Productivity Improvement
619   A Review of Kannada Text to Braille Conversion
620   Evaluation of Data Analysis for Decision Making in Financial Market Domain
621   Awareness of Tooth Brushing Techniques and Proper Oral Hygiene among Children Attending Sub District Hospital Pampore
622   Urban Intersection Improvement Strategy: Case Study of Raj Mohalla Junction at Indore City
623   Survey Paper on Patient Treatment Time Prediction in Hospital Queuing Management
624   Comparative Study of Meta Classification Algorithm: Bagging, AdaboostM1 and Stacking with Concept Drift based Synthetic Dataset Hyperplane1 and Hyperplane2
625   Evaluation of Oryza Sativa (Var. Joha Rice) for Anti-Hyperlipidemic Activity in Rats
626   Experimental Investigation on Engine Performance and Emission Characteristics of Turpentine Oil Blends with Diesel
627   E-Government for Tanzania: Current Projects and Challenges
628   Zigbee based Agricultural Monitoring and Controlling System
629   Welding Procedure and Testing Analysis on Mixing and Nodulizing Drum
630   Hydrothermal Alteration mapping using Remote Sensing and GIS at the Prestea Concession of Golden Star Bogoso/Prestea Ltd, Ghana
631   Gold Potential Mapping using Remote Sensing and GIS at the Prestea Concession of Golden Star Bogoso/Prestea Ltd, Ghana
632   Design and Fabrication of Hybrid Propeller Shaft using Composite Material
633   Effect of Al2o3 Nano Particles with Di-Ethyl Ether Mixed in Bio-Diesel (Rbme) on Performance and Emission Characteristics of Ci Engine
634   Response Modification Factor for Cold-Formed Steel Structures Using Pushover Analysis
635   Abbreviated Sentence Classification using Semi- Supervised Learning
636   The Organic Compost Machine and Factors Effecting Performance of Composting: A Review
637   Design and Simulation of T-Shaped Hydrophone Utilizing COMSOL Multiphysics
638   Fixed Covering Polynomial for Friendship Graph and its Algorithm
639   Performance of Linear Precoding for Broadcast Channels for Multi- User MIMO System
640   Optical Communication Performance Over a 10 Gigabit Speed Ethernet Network with Opnet Software
641   A Study on Travel Recommendation System
642   Detecting Wormhole Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks
643   Honey-Bee Foraging Algorithm for Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Optimization
644   Precise Investigations of Software Quality - The Goals of Numerous Associations
645   Survey on Multipliers Utilized in VLSI
646   The Method for Forecasting Relative Humidity with Height
647   Analysis of Hail Incident for Two Different Provinces in Turkey: A Case Study Using Synoptic Analysis and Numerical Weather Prediction Model (WRF)
648   Semi Supervised and Unsupervised constraints Using Novel Fuzzy Relational Clustering Algorithm
649   Studies on Shapes of Turbulators on the Absorber Plate of Solar Air Heater System
650   Morphological Characteristics of Primary Dentition in 3 -5yr Old School Going Children of Chidambaram and Srinagarin Posterior Teeth
651   Heart Disease Prediction using Data Mining Techniques
652   T.K.E Operator Based Symmetrical Fault Detection During Power Swing using Three Phase Active Power
653   Studies on Effect of Silica Fume by Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate & Cement with Plastic Granules & Fly Ash
654   Study of S-Transform For Spectral Energy Feature Space for Fault Location in Transmission Line
655   Design and Analysis of Frequency Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch Antenna
656   Economic Analysis of Effective Use of Natural and Artificial Waste Material in Concrete
657   A Survey: on Home Automation through Voice Recognition Application and Messaging on Social Sites
658   A survey: on Malicious Application and Fake user Detection in Facebook using Data Mining
659   Effect of Curing Methods on Various Concrete Grades
660   The Effectiveness of Human Resource Management on Improving the Performance of Education Staff
661   Identification of Bearing Fault Signal based on Adaptive Feature Extraction and Optimal ACROSVKF Classification Model
662   Farmer Friendly Application for Resource Mapping of Village with Government Aided Schemes
663   Secure Authentication and Key Distribution Mechanism for CoAP
664   An Analysis of Changing Consumption Pattern in India Pre and Post Reforms Period
665   Design and Evaluation of a Novel Social Perception System for Human-Robot Interaction
666   Notable Advancements in 5G Technologies
667   Synthesis of Shaped Beams Patterns using Amplitude Control Method
668   Increment al MapReduce for Evolving Big Da t a by using Key Value Pairs
669   Multilevel STATCOM Using Cascaded Two Level Inverter for High Power Transmission Line
670   RFID & GSM Methods for Automatic Toll Collections Technology
671   Determination of Inflation Steps for Rubber Inflatable Seal Using FE Analysis
672   Optimization of Process Parameters during EDM of Al/SiC Metal Matrix Composite
673   Impact of Distributed Generation on Voltage Profile in Deregulated Distribution System
674   An Efficient Authentication & Light Weight Security in WBAN
675   To Mitigate Wormhole Attack by using Trusted AODV with WAP -TSH methodology for MANET
676   Brain Tumor Segmentation Based on SFCM using Back Propagation Neural Network
677   Synthesis, Characterization and Anti Microbial Activity of 1- (1-Bengyl - 2 - Oxo -1, 2 - Dihydro - 3 H - Pyrrolo Pyridin -3 - Ylidine] - 2 - (Substituted Amino) Acetohydrazide
678   Power Quality Improvement of PV Power Generation Systems using Solid State Transformer
679   Capturing Social Networking Privacy Preferences Via Image Contents
680   Smart Network Phone for Disaster Recovery
681   Performance Investigation of Diesel Engine Using Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Oil and Diesel Blends
682   An Automated Text Detection Algorithm for Unstructured Scene
683   Inventory Model of Perishable Products with Periodic Demand
684   Framework Based Materialized View Evolution: A survey
685   MATLAB Based PV Cell Characterization Under Varying Different Temperature and Irradiance Conditions
686   Selection Procedure for Air Filter used in Automobile Engines
687   The Empirical Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Decision Making Styles among Adolescents
688   Protecting Information Through Cryptography
689   Survey on Abandoned Object Detection in Surveillance Video
690   Design of Residential Building using Staad Pro
691   Banking Data Mining Using Enhances Classification Technique to Improve Correctly Classified Instances
692   Design of Highway Pavement
693   Travelling Wave Based Fault Location Algorithm Using Teager Kaiser Technique
694   Behavior of Concrete by using Waste Glass Powder and Fly Ash as a Partial Replacement of Cement
695   A L-K Equation is Implemented for Reducing Baseline Effect in UC-FinFET and Utilise Fluctuated Intrinsic LER
696   Automated Penalty Collection for Traffic Signal Violation Using RFID
697   A Novel RCA Designed and Implemented for Reducing Delay Time and Power Consumption
698   Credit Recovery Methods of Scheduled Commercial Banks in India
699   Implementation of Transmitter & Receiver for Flexible Optical Networks
700   Monthly and Seasonal Trend Analysis of Maximum Temperatures over Turkey
701   Fuzzy Logic and Taguchi Based Parametric Analysis of Natural Fibre Composites
702   Project Report on National Highways
703   Automated Skin Lesion Segmentation and Classification of Granular Parakeratosis using Support Vector Machine
704   A Comparative Analysis of Facts Devices for Damping of Inter Area Oscillation
705   Optimization of Sheet Metal Forming using Advanced Nature Inspired Algorithm
706   Sustainable Concrete Production through Use of Marble Powder as Partial Replacement of Cement in Concrete Mix
707   Hand-Crafted Object Recognition to Enhance the Features of Search Engine
708   Improvement in Tensile Strength of Concrete Using Steel and Polypropylene Fibres
709   Power Quality Analysis and Improvement using Wavelet Transform and Re-Construction Filters
710   Synthesis, Characterization and Analgesic Activity of 1- (1-Bengyl - 2 - Oxo - 1, 2 - Dihydro - 3 H - Pyrrolo Pyridin -3 - Ylidine) - 2 - (Substituted Amino) Acetohydrazide
711   Compressive Strength of Concrete Blocks using Waste Materials
712   A Survival Study on Key Authentication in WBANS
713   Oxy-HYDROGEN as Combustion Catalyst
714   Effect Temperature and Cell Carrier Loading on Phenol Degradation using Rhodococcus Erythropolis
715   Email Spam Filtering using Classifiers in Data Mining
716   A Perspective Survey on Software and Database Reverse Engineering Methodologies
717   Efficient Hybrid Image Compression Scheme Using DWT and Quantization with DCT for Still Digital Image
718   Enhancement of Hazy Image Using Color Depth Estimation and Visibility Restoration
719   Segmentation Techniques for Detection and Classification of Brain Tumor
720   An Efficient Secure Data Transmission & False Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
721   An Efficient Secure Interruption Detection Scheme for MANETs Using EAACK
722   Non-Isolated Voltage Quadrupler DC-DC Converter with Low Switching Voltage Stress
723   Businеss Intеlligеncе: Concepts and Explanation
724   Event Virtual Assistance
725   GIS-GPS Based Soil Fertility Maps of Agriculture College Farm, Kadegaon District Sangli: Maharashtra
726   Trends, Opportunities & Challenges in Small Scale and Cottage Industries in Assam
727   NeGP and India for E-Governance-A Search for its Utility and Challenges
728   Application of Lean Principles in the Production Management of Construction Sites
729   Remote Sensing Application in Geological and Structural Mapping of Khatu Area District Nagaur, Rajasthan
730   Prediction of Land Cover Changes of Jodhpur City Using Cellular Automata Markov Modelling Techniques
731   Correlation between Miniature Cone Tip Resistance and Shear Strength Parameters of Clean Sand and Sand added with Silica Fume using Conventional Triaxial Setup
732   Sentiment Analysis of E-Commerce Site using Deep Neural Network and Probabilistic Approach
733   Utilization of Various Waste Materials in Concrete a Literature Review
734   Discovering Web Communities in Web Structure Mining - An Overview
735   An Online Social Networks for Access Control Model Using User-To-User Relationships
736   A Paper on the Testing Procedures and Protocols for Concentrated Solar Thermal Technologies
737   An Approach to Enhance and Binarize the Degraded Document Images by the Method of Thresholding
738   Heat Transfer Enhancement in Heat Exchanger with Rotating Twisted Tape Insert Using Water and TiO2 Nanofluid
739   A comprehensive Parametric Study of the Effect of Cavitation Formation Inside Fuel Injector Nozzle with Different Needle Seat Shapes
740   Behavioural Aspect of ERP System for Organisation
741   An Investigation into Whether Access to Quality Education can be Better Met With The Use Of E-Learning, Analysing Rural and Urban Schools. A Case of Zimbabwe
742   Use of Waste Polyethylene in Bituminous Concrete Mixes
743   Alumni Interactive System Using Mining: A Review Paper
744   Trends in Complete Denture Impressions in Kashmir
745   An Enhanced Evolutionary Model for Software Defect Prediction
746   Deploy Redundancy of Internet using First Hop Redundancy Protocol and Monitoring it using IP Service Level Agreements (IPSLA)
747   Comparative Study of Tomato under Polyhouse and Rainshelter Conditions
748   Dense and Narrow Stop-Bands Structure Based on One Dimensional Photonic Crystal Filter for Optical Communication
749   Review Paper on Solar Dust Collector
750   A Review of the Existing Solar Irradiation Databases
751   Experimental Investigation on the Study of RC-T Beam with Opening Strengthened with GFRP
752   Speech Assistance using OCR for Visually Impaired
753   Android Application for Leaf Disease Recognition
754   Arduino Based Home Automation System
755   Design & Fabrication of a CNC Lathe Machine Fixture for a Square Block
756   An Appraisal of Earth-Quakes in Built-Environment
757   Lеvеraging DMM for an Еffеctivе Cybеr-Sеcurity A Concеptual Study
758   A Novel Strategy for Total Harmonic Reduction using EMI Filter and Boost Converter Stage for Capacitor Charged Power Supply
759   Meantime to Recruitment for A Two Graded Manpower System with Depletion Having Independent and Identically Distributed Random Variables and Inter-Decision Times Involving Independent and Non-Identically Distributed Random Variables
760   Organizations Agile Adoption: A Strategic Project Selection Approach Based on Multi-layered Selection Criteria
761   A Survey: An Advanced Collaboratively Preparation Sentiment Classifiers used for Multiple Domains
762   Identification and Assessment of Risks in Construction Projects: A Case of Pune City
763   TOPSIS Ranking of Epoxy Hybrid Composites
764   Quality Management in RCC Construction on Site using Quality Control Tool: Six Sigma
765   Understanding the Concept of Quality and Quality Management on a Construction Site
766   Big Data Technologies for Batch and Real-Time Data Processing: A Review
767   Construction Safety Document Management Framework
768   The Cloud Storage for Integrating Web Data Management Services
769   Analysis of Locomotive Brake-Hanger Failure
770   Thiosemicarbazone and Benzimidazole Hybrid Molecules: The Privileged Scaffolds for Anti-Bacterial Activity
771   Implementation of Image Processing and Reinforcement Learning in Path Planning of Mobile Robots
772   Effect of Cement Kiln Dust on the Engineering Properties of Sabkha Soil
773   A Survey: The Effectual Salient Region Detection Using High - Dimensional Color Transform Besides Local Spatial Support
774   Effect on Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Hybrid Composites Modified with Titanium Oxide (TiO2) and Silicon Carbide (SiC)
775   Scene Synthesis and Camera Calibration Techniques
776   Study on Composite Concrete by using Fly Ash, M-Sand and Fly Ash Aggregates
777   Synchronous Reference Frame Theory for Active Power Filter
778   An Analysis of Agricultural Soils by using Data Mining Techniques
779   Black Spot Study
780   A Review Paper on: Optimal Utilization of Solar Energy using MPPT and Wiper arm
781   Enhanced K-means Clustering Algorithm for Automobile Routing
782   Finite Element Analysis of Carbon Nanotube Based Composites
783   Wireless Data Transmission cum Data Acquisition through IOT in Industrial Environment
784   Performance and Emission Analysis of Supercharged IDI Diesel Engine Fuelled with Waste Cooking Oil Biodiesel
785   Classification of Organic and Inorganic Beans using Vision Approaches
786   Varies Types of Parking Size and Multiple Level Car Parking
787   An Experimental Study on Strength and Durability Properties of Steel Fibers and Glass Fibers with M30 Grade Concrete using GGBS
788   A Review on Recent Strategy of Biodiesel Production from Waste Cooking Oil and Influencing Parameters
789   Calculation of Irradiance and Tilt angle of Solar Panel for a Particular Geographical Location
790   Decolourisation of Textile Dyes by Fungal Isolates
791   Lattice Jaali: Study of Decorative Aesthetic Architecture
792   Detection of Drunk Drivers by Using Image Processing for Pupil Size Abnormality and Intoxicate Bottle Detection with Alcohol Sweat Level Detection
793   The NGO Project
794   Web-WSN for Automatic Irrigation Monitoring and Control
795   Impact of Big Data on Organizational Growth
796   A Review: Nanofluid Effect on Performance of Solar Collectors
797   Comparative Study on Post Tensioned PSC T-Beam Strengthened By BFRP and GFRP under Flexure
798   Tone Analyzer
799   Enabling Non Vulnerable Data Possession on Remote Storage Cloud Servers to Obtain Cloud Data Integrity and Eminent Data Dynamics
800   Dense and Narrow Reflection-Bands Structure Based on One Dimensional Photonic Crystal
801   Using PHP and MySQL for SMTP Configuration and Database Creation
802   A Review Paper on Mathematical Modeling of Magneto-Rheological Damper
803   An Investigation of Argon Gas Additives to LPG on the Turbulent Lean Premixed Flame Characteristics for EV Burner
804   An Area Efficient, Power Reduced and Speed Improved Serial Type Daisy Chain Memory Register Using Pulsed Latch
805   Biodegradation of Low Density Polyethylene by Using Mixed Culture of Bacteria and Fungi
806   Feature Clustering using Simulated Annealing Technique
807   An Appraisal of Cost Reduction of Houses
808   Comparative Study on Seismic Performance of Flat Slab and Conventional Slab
809   Efficient Implementation of Discrete Orthogonal Transforms for Real Valued Data using A Serial - Parallel Vector Matrix Multiplier
810   A Mini Review on Efficacy of Safety Management Systems in Construction
811   Design Development & Analysis of Twin Sinusoidal Convex Blade System
812   Synthesis and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles from Malvastrum Coromandelianum L. Leaf Extract and Their Antibacterial Assay
813   Analysing the Impact of Sybil Attacks on the Performance of MANETS
814   A Camera Mouse- Application for Disable Person: A review
815   Crisis Management in Housing Project in Around Kolhapur City
816   A Revenue Management System based on Microservice Architecture
817   Intelligent Traffic Controller using Fuzzy Logic
818   A Novel Power Management Strategy for a Grid-Connected System by PV-FC Hybrid System
819   Novel Technique to Determine Vertical Dimension of Occlusion from Interpupillary Distance in Kashmiri Population
820   Microstrip Patch Antenna Array with EBG Structure for Improvement of Performance Characteristics
821   Distribution of Soft Corals in the Egyptian Coasts of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aqaba
822   A Video Based Sign Language Recognition System
823   Design and Analysis of Multiband Antenna using Hexagonal Patch with Modified L-Slot and I- Slot for Wideband Applications
824   Analysis of Upper Control Arm of Suspension System
825   Synoptic Study of Abandoned Object Detection
826   Performance of Geotextile Baffle Wall Contact System (GBCS) for the Treatment of Wastewater
827   Analysis and Optimization of Rocker ARM
828   A Study of the Attitude of the Government and Private High School Teachers towards the use of ICT with Respect to Arts and Science Stream
829   Status of Residential and Commercial Buildings in India
830   Fish Catching Unmanned Underwater Vehicle
831   Salient Point Based Steganography
832   Path Integral Approach to Coulombs Law
833   Assessment of Flood Hazard in Jeddah Region - KSA
834   Determining Optimum Structure for Artificial Neural Network and Comparison between Back-Propagation and Levenberg-Marquardt Training Algorithms
835   Partial Edentulism and its Association with Age and Gender-A Research Article
836   Investigation of Bacterial Activity on Compressive Strength of Cement Concrete
837   Optoelectronic Behaviors of Reversibly Stretchable Na0.8Mn0.8O2 Reinforced Poly (Vinyl Alcohol) Nanocomposites
838   8085 Microprocessor Based Auto Synchronizer
839   Brain Tumor Detection and Classification using Segmentation in MRI
840   Study of Multi Storey Building for Different Soil Type by Dynamic Analysis
841   Modeling Simulation and Analysis of Aluminium Silicon Carbide Composite System
842   An Authenticated Trust and Reputation Calculation and Management System for Cloud and Sensor Network Integration
843   Flexible and Fine-Grained Attribute-Based Data Storage in Cloud Computing
844   The Role of Project Management in Achieving Project: Success Empirical Study from Local NGOs in Mogadishu Somalia
845   Leadership Style and Organizational Commitment: Case Study from University of Somalia
846   Study of Web Based Sentimental Analysis Classification
847   Vehicle Details Generation System
848   Identification of Suitable Landfill Site Alternatives using GIS - A Case Study
849   Analysis of Bedding Layer Material & Configurations of Tiger Toilet
850   AHVAC Advanced Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning System using TEC Thermoelectric Couple
851   Contact Stresses Analysis & Material Optimization of Deep Groove Ball Bearing using Hertzian Contact Theory
852   Design and Optimization of the Effect of Base Bleed on Thrust of A Truncated Spike Nozzle
853   Paraxial Study of Self Focusing of Q- Gaussian Laser Beam in a Density Transition
854   Examination of Genetic Diversity of Spinner Dolphin (Stenella Longirostris) using cox 1 at the Southern Egyptian Coast of the Red Sea
855   A Review on Resource Allocation Techniques for Internet of Things
856   Use of Hub Concept for Image Clustering by Extracting Features: A Survey
857   Facets of Building a Smart City
858   Enhanced Multi-Objective Ant Colony Based Query Optimization Technique
859   Automatic Railway Track Inspection for Early Warning Using GPS/GSM System
860   Performance Evaluation of the QoS and Security of Database System using the PSO
861   Efficient Load Balancing using Associativity Based Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
862   Design and Structural Analysis of Ashok Leyland Lorry Chassis
863   Controlling Mouse Cursor Based on Image Processing and Object Detection
864   Image Resizing using Seam Carving
865   Sybil Detection via Geo-location Analysis in Online Social Network
866   Probabilistic Determination of Student Performance using Naive Bayes Classification Algorithm
867   Comparative Analysis of Effects of Heavy Metal(Cd) on Chlorophyll Content of Different Rice (Oryza Sativa.L) Varieties (IR.36 & Laghu) from Lower Gangetic Basin of West Bengal, India
868   Feasibility Study of Domestic Wastewater using Hybrid Process
869   A Review on Half Subtractor at Transistor Level
870   Design of Parallel CRC generation for High Speed Application
871   Impact of Segment Types on Critical Path Delay Characteristics in FPGA Routing
872   Mobile Robot Path Planning by Genetic Algorithm with Safety Parameter
873   Comparative Analysis of Lipid Metabolism in Some Cestode Parasites of Vertebrate Host from North Maharashtra India
874   Self Sustainable Portable Structure
875   Modeling Network Optimization by Optimize the Current Network by physical and logical architectures to improve the Quality of Services (QoS)
876   Identify the Attacked Information from the Spoofers by using Passive IP Traceback (PIT) Method
877   Analysis of Diabetic Patient’s Data using Data Mining Clustering Techniques
878   FEA Based Optimization of Deep Drawing Parameters for Cylindrical Cup by using Taguchi Method
879   Particles Swarm Optimization Based Economic Load Dispatch of Nigeria Hydrothermal Considering Hydro Cost Functions
880   Human Iris Recognition User Interface using MATLAB7
881   An Experimental Investigation of Post Tensioned Beams with BFRP Fabric
882   Flux Regulation of Induction Motor at Low Speed using Direct Torque Control
883   Antioxidant Potential of Novel 2-[2, 4-Bis (Arylamino) Thiazol-5-Oyl] Benzothiazoles
884   Image Super-Resolution Based on Structure-Modulated Sparse Representation
885   TPM Implementation to Enhance Oee in Small Manufacturing Industry
886   Implementation of LTE System using FIFO Techniques
887   Stability of Clay Soil using Rice Husk Ash and Stone Dust
888   Design and Implementation of Parallel Bit Reversal on FFT by using Verilog HDL
889   Knee Point Power Equation Tracking of MPPT using Lagrange Interpolation
890   DC-DC Boost Converter with Constant Output Voltage for Enhancement Efficiency of Solar Cell using Simple Mirror
891   Clustering and Boosting in Data Mining
892   A Survey on Web Excavating Techniques
893   A Survey Utility Person Detection Multi-View Video Tracking Annotation Model
894   An Investigation in Non Destructive Testing using Drones on Existing Buildings
895   Area Efficient LUT Optimization for DA-Based BLMS Adaptive Filter
896   Comparative Study of Flat Slabs and Conventional RC Slabs
897   An Alternative Way for Students Knowledge Evaluation
898   Stability of Total Vertex Irregularity Strength of Helm Graphs
899   A Review Paper on Gesture Recognition
900   Estimating I.Q level of the Students of Rural and Urban Areas, in Jammu Division
901   Nonlinear Coordinated Steering and Braking Control of Vision-Based Autonomous Vehicles in Emergency Obstacle Avoidance
902   Dynamic Switching of Residential Customers among Three Phases by Low Voltage Feeders
903   Generator Equivalent Model (GEM) in to Voltage Stability Analysis
904   Performance Analysis of Wavelets and Neural Network Retina Fundus Image for Efficient Image Segmentation
905   Examination of Resonance Propagation in Grid Connected and Islanding Microgrids for Hybrid Power System
906   Comparative Performance Analysis of Optimization Methods for Detection of Various Brain Tumors in MRI Images
907   Natural Convection Heat Transfer from Modified 1Degree 2 Degree And 3 Degree Outward Expansion of Pin Fins
908   Experimental Study of Engineering Properties in Synthetically Made Lime Treated Expansive Soils
909   Optimization Analysis of Automobile Tie Rod using FEA and Experimental Approach
910   Face Detection using Neural Network Based Boosting Algorithm MLP and PCA
911   Migrating Birds Optimization (MBO) Algorithm to Solve Graph Coloring Problem
912   Design and Evaluation of Wearable Exoskeleton to Augment Load Carrying Capacity for Ground Force Soldiers
913   Comparing the Effect of Dual and Triple Antiplatelet Therapy on High Sensitivity C-reactive Protein Levels in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease
914   Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO Nanoparticles and ZnO/xSn2o3 Nanocomposites by Co-Precipitation Method
915   Heavy Metal Contamination of Surface Soil from E-Waste Recycling Sites of Informal Sector in Mumbai Urban
916   Cycle Time Reduction by using Lean Manufacturing
917   Improvement in Performance of Ball Mill in Cement Grinding
918   Metamaterial Loaded Microstrip Patch Antenna for X Band Applications
919   To Study the Inventory Management System at Organization Level
920   Comparative Study of Resource Management for Pre-Engineered and Conventional Industrial Building
921   A Comparative Analysis of Multi-Storeyed RCC Structures Considering Cyclonic Factor
922   Framework for Integrated Routing, Scheduling and Traffic Management in Adhoc Sensor Network
923   Investigation Effect of Piston Coating on Performance Characteristics of Diesel Engine Fuelled With Diesel Blend (Diesel +Pine Oil)
924   Web Mining using Lexical Chain with Interactive Genetic Algorithm
925   Task Scheduling using Improved Task Migration Consolidation in Cloud Computing
926   An Efficative Frame Work for Coin Framing, Smart and Secure Transactions Service
927   Equilateral Triangular Microstrip Patch Antenna for C Band Application
928   Performance Evaluation of Existing Ad HOC Routing Protocols
929   Experimental Investigation on the Study of Rectangular RC Beams with Opening Strengthened with CFRP
930   The Relation between Construction Safety Management and Productivity
931   Review on Blue Brain for Novice
932   P-Delta Effect on High Rise Building Subjected to Earth Quake and Wind Load
933   A Review on Different Diamond Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna
934   An Advanced Ambulance Rescue System using Prioritized Traffic Switching
935   New Roller Barrier System for Safety Management and Efficiency on Highways
936   Implementation and Analysis the Performance of (IDTA) Improved Decision Tree Algorithm on Mobile Services Dataset
937   Equilateral Tringular Microstrip Patch Antenna for C Band Application
938   Planning, Designing and Estimation of a Bank Building
939   Studies on the Corrosion Resistance of Reinforced Steel in Concrete with Fly Ash - An Overview
940   Classification of Peer –To-Peer Architectures and Applications
941   Study of Simulation Behaviour of Tire and Effect of Working Conditions on Slipping Behaviour
942   Experimental Analysis of Dryer Door Handle to Predict Fatigue Life Compare with FEA Results
943   LEACH Protocol vs Cluster Based Data Aggregation using Bayesian Networks: A Comparison
944   Comparison of Design Result of Multi Story Structure using ETABS and STAAD PRO Software
945   IoT Based School Monitoring System
946   Circular Polarization Techniques for Design of Monopole Antenna
947   Mobile Banking Services
948   Buckling Load Maximization of Laminated Composite Plates
949   Significance of Attributes using Rough Data Transition Probability Matrix
950   Review on Various Design Techniques of Filter
951   Simulation of Harmonically Excited Simple Linear Pendulum (HESLP) Model using Selected Versions of Fourth Order Runge-Kutta Schemes
952   Evaluation of Web Metrics
953   Change Detection Analysis of Coastal Data Based on Big Data Analytics using Satellite Data
954   Novel Technique for Density Based Clustering in Data Mining
955   Analysis of Electron Charge Density of BaTiO3 and CaTiO3 using Multipole Analysis Method
956   Design & Experimentation of Fractal Patch Antenna Based on Sierpinski Carpet Algorithm for Wireless Application
957   A Publisher Subscriber Model Based Event Notification System for a Storage Operating System
958   Design and Fabrication of Sugarcane Bud Cutting Machine
959   Structural Auditing with a Case Study
960   Short Text Clustering using Web Content Mining: A Survey
961   Maximum Power Point Tracking Wind Turbine Based on FOC Control of Variable Speed Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator
962   Adaptive Schema for Generation and Reconciliation of Health Records in Cloud Environment
963   An Architecture for Determining Mutual Attributes in Various Social Media Networks
964   Nanotechnology: Recent Developments, Applications, Risk and Techniques
965   A Study on Strength of Fibre Reinforced Concrete with Palm Oil Fuel Ash as Partial Replacement of Cement
966   Design of Compact Microstrip Antennas Array for Wireless Applications
967   Effect of Ag Doping on Structural, Optical and Antibacterial Behavior ZnO Nanoparticles
968   Construction and Enumeration of STS19, 21, 23
969   Modeling and Analysis of Micro Cooling Channel for Plastics Injection Mould by using Moldflow Adviser
970   Design & Implementation for Power System Reliability by using Zig-Bee Technology on Induction Motor with Multiparameter Monitoring
971   Fabrication of Hydraulic Lift Vehicle
972   A New Technique to Mark Center Points across Wall to Facilitate Drilling from Either Side
973   Linear Modeling of Compressive Stress and Strain of EPS Packaging Material using Full Factorial Design of Experiment
974   Harnessing Power in the Apartment from the Water Supply with Overvoltage Protection
975   Development of Cold Supply Chain for a Controlled Atmosphere Cold Store for Storage of Apple
976   Dynamic Real Time Scheduling Technique for Overloaded Jobs to Improve the Performance in Mobile Cloud
977   A Proficient R-Tree Based Indexing Technique for Location Finding Using Cloud
978   Probing and Removal of Denial of Service Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks
979   Synthesis of AgNPs of Cuminum cyminum seed extract, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity
980   Use of Lime and Fly Ash on Strengthening of Sub Grade Soil
981   An Implementation of Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm in (DCC) Environment
982   Data Mining to Prevent Discrimination and Improve Privacy
983   Modern Topology of Bi-directional DC-DC Converter for Deduction in Leakage Current
984   Stability Analysis for Diarhheal Epidemic Models using Routh Hurwitz Method
985   Optimal Placement and Sizing of Solar Photovoltaic Generation System in Low Voltage Secondary Distribution Network
986   Using MISRA C in Software Development
987   Robotic Four Finger ARM Controlling using Image Processing
988   Autonomous Object Detection and Tracking using Raspberry Pi
989   A Review: Robotic Four Finger ARM Controlling using Image Processing
990   Review: Autonomous Object Detection and Tracking using Raspberry Pi
991   Modelling and Optimization of WEDM Parameters for Titanium (Ti6al4v) using Response Surface Methodology
992   Modelling and Structural Analysis of Automobile Lorry Chassis
993   Effective and Robust Technique to Learn and Reconstruct Fingerprint-from Minutiae to Image
994   An Ideology for Text Scooping Method
995   Ant Colony System for Graph Coloring Problem
996   Experimental Study on Concrete using Copper Slag as Fine Aggregate with Bacterial Admixture
997   Tribological Characterization of Natural Fiber Composites
998   Study of Steel from Sponge Iron- At a Glance
999   Secure Data Mining in Cloud using Homomorphism Encryption
1000   Proactive Job Scheduling Approach in Cloud Computing
1001   Analysis of Coverage and Connectivity on Channel Randomness in WSN
1002   Infra Generalized b- Continuous Functions in Infra Topological Space
1003   Multitemporal Image Fusion Based on Stationary Wavelet Transform and Change Detection using LDP Analysis
1004   A Comprehensive Study on Production Planning and Control
1005   Real –Time Human-Robot Interaction in Complex Environment using Kinect Image Recognition
1006   Effects of the Feed Forward and Feedback Signals Time Delays on Speed Control of DC Motor
1007   Segmentation and Normalization of Human Iris as Biometrics Identifier
1008   Study of Seismic Behavior of Building with Different Positions and Types of Floating Column
1009   Efficient Implementation on Human Face Recognition under Various Expressions using LoG, LBP and SVM
1010   EEG Based Brain Controlled Robot Using ARM7
1011   Propose a Robust Spinal Model to Predict Time and Cost Claim in PE Project
1012   Influence of ZnO and SiC Micro Fillers on Mechanical Properties of E-Glass Polyester Composites
1013   Brain Tumor Segmentation Based on GLCM Feature Extraction using Probabilistic Neural Network
1014   Influence of Waste Fly Ash on Characteristics of Clayey Soil
1015   MIMO-OFDM Systems for the Development of 4G Wireless Networks by using Hermitian Encoding
1016   Relative Study of ERP and SCM Construction Industry
1017   Vehicle to Vehicle Network Sharing using MONA (Multi Owner Network Accessor)
1018   Drive Cycle Analysis for Electric Vehicle using MATLAB
1019   A Study on 3D Sensors Digitization
1020   Remedy to Locate Buried LDPE & MDPE Gas Pipes
1021   Effect of Variation of Bamboo Volume Fraction on Tensile Strength and Modulus of Bamboo Composite
1022   Cost Benefits Analysis of 3 Star GRIHA Rating Hostel Building to Normal Conventional Hostel Building
1023   Design, Analysis & Testing of Catalytic Converter for Emission Reduction & Backpressure Optimization
1024   FPGA Implementation of Variable-Length Split-Radix FFT Algorithm
1025   Region Based Hyper spectral Image Scene Changed Detection for Fusion Images using Histogram Equalization
1026   Local Continuity versus Global Uniform Continuity
1027   A Comprehensive Study of Electro Discharge Machining of Al/Al2O3 Composite and its Optimization
1028   Improving Logistics System by using Lean Manufacturing
1029   Detection of Optical Disc in Fundus Images
1030   Technology in Education in Rural India
1031   Impact of Online Education in Indian
1032   Performance Comparison of Various Optimization Methods for Detection of Various Cancers in Medical Images
1033   News Text Classification Model Based on Topic Model
1034   Review of Indexing Techniques in Information Retrieval
1035   Td Captain: Travel Desk TM App for Corporate Companies
1036   Role of Data Mining in Cyber Security
1037   Data Mining on Parallel Database Systems
1038   Characterization of A Novel Low Power and Area Efficient 13t SRAM Cell
1039   Deduplication on Encrypted Data in Cloud Storage with Security
1040   To Study of Effects of Sisal Fibers, Fly Ash and Glass Powder on Compressive Strength, Abrasion Resistance and Cost of Concrete Paving Block
1041   An Efficient Detection Mechanism of Opposing the Packet Faking Attack in Opportunistic Networks
1042   Design and Analysis of an Aerial Scissor Lift
1043   Characterization of Hybrid Glass Epoxy Composite Material with Combined TiO2 and Carbon Filler
1044   Similarity Measure Selection for Clustering Stock Market Time Series Databases
1045   An Efficient Certificateless Encryption with Signature for Secure Data Sharing and Verification in Public Clouds
1046   To Analysis the Effective Use of Sisal Fibers, Fly Ash and Glass Powder in Concrete Paving Block and Its Study on Compressive Strength
1047   Implementation of Convergent Encryption Scheme to Reduce Cloud Storage
1048   Comparison of Speed Control of DC Motor using PID Controller and Various Optimization Techniques a Review
1049   A Novel Approach for Speech Recognition using Vector Quantization through LBG Algorithm
1050   Skanda Cult and Its Historical Background a Canonical Study
1051   Experimental Analysis of the Effect of Electrode Polarity on Weld Bead Geometry in Submerged ARC Welding Process
1052   Human Face Image Scaling using Interpolation Techniques
1053   Advanced Technique of Fuzzy Logic Algorithm Based Assessment of Periodic Variation of Water Quality of Nethravathi River in Dakshina Kannada District
1054   Viscous Dissipation and Pressure Work Effects on Natural Convection Flow along a Vertical Flat Plate with Power Law Variation of Surface Temperature in Presence of Heat Generation
1055   Implementation of Project Management Techniques for Construction of Building
1056   QDminer: Finding Facet Query by Modelling Fine Grained Similarities
1057   Design and Implementation of Arterial Pulse Detection Sensor
1058   Implementation of E-Health monitoring system using IoT based on Cloud through WSNs
1059   Enhanced M-AODV: Modified Ad Hoc On-demand Distance Vector Routing Scheme
1060   Cued Click Points Graphical Images with Binary Based OTP Authentication
1061   Zero Base Budgeting in Automotive Part Cost
1062   Recognition and Classification of Human Emotion from Audio
1063   Detection of N, P, Kusing Fiber Optic Sensor and PIC Controller
1064   Design and Analysis of Domestic Wind Mill Blades
1065   Development of Remote Buttons in Android App (Bluetooth) To Control a Robo
1066   Analysis and Design of Water Tank with Interaction between Fluid and Structure When Subjected to Earthquake Forces
1067   New Innovation in USB and Cloud Storage-iTwin
1068   Survey on Micro Clustering Data Streams using Agglomerative Approach
1069   Change Detection in The Water Bodies of Lake Malaha, East Port-Said, Egypt, using RS/GIS
1070   Secured Data Transmission using Advanced Image Watermarking
1071   Cross-Site Cold-Start Product Recommendation for Social Media and E-Commerce Websites
1072   Use of Steel Fibers as Shear Reinforcement for Deep Beams in Shear- an Experimental Study
1073   Minimizing Harmonic Distortion In Multilevel Inverters Using Bacteria Foraging Algorithm
1074   Determination of Utility Factor Genesis through Different Biomasses Product
1075   Claytronics
1076   A Survey on Secure Login Authentication System using Captcha Based Graphical Password Technique
1077   Shock Proof Techniques & Multimeter
1078   Comparative Study on Firewall and Intrusion Detection System
1079   Challenges and Opportunities of Big Data Analytics
1080   Flooding Attack Detection using Artificial Intelligence based IDS in VANET
1081   Students Attendance Tracking System for Parents
1082   Template Transfer Electric Charge from One Mobile Phone to Another Mobile
1083   Assessment of Progressive Collapse of Steel Structure
1084   A Brief Study on Video Editing Softwares: Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro
1085   Evaluation of Shear and Moment Coefficient for Continuous Beam Considering Seismic Forces
1086   Anisotropic Etching of Silicon A Review on Recent Development and Prospective
1087   Data Analysis on Nutrition Facts for McDonalds Menu Data set using Python
1088   A Novel Approach for Detection of Faces using Viola-Jones Algorithm
1089   Design of Double-Tail Comparator in 90nm Technology
1090   Self-Organizing Network Based Handover Mechanism for LTE Networks
1091   Enhanced Privacy Protection Model for Android
1092   Transmission Security in WSN using AES Technique
1093   An Algorithm to Quantify Sentiments of Product Reviews for a Given Feature using Text Mining
1094   Jammers: A Case Study
1095   Big Data: An Overview of Features, Tools, Techniques and Applications
1096   Fault Prediction using Metric Threshold Value of Object Oriented Systems
1097   Experimental Study of an Air Pre-Heater for Diesel Engine
1098   Digital Audio Implant in an Image for Information Protection
1099   Relationship between Construction Project Delivery Methods and Project Performance
1100   Object Sorting Robot using Image Processing
1101   Legal Compliance of Paint Mix Room in Car Manufacturing Plant
1102   Multibiometrics by Combining Left and Right Palmprint Images using Modules
1103   Crypto Currency a Need after Demonetization in India
1104   A Comparative Study on Virtual Machine versus Containers for Embedded Systems such as Enterprise Routers
1105   Low Energy Smart Lighting System using IoT and Bluetooth
1106   PLC Based Automation System
1107   EHS Plan for Under Ground Metro Station E & M Work & Safe Operating System for Panel Erection at Underground Metro Station
1108   Climate Responsive Vernacular Architecture of Kutch
1109   Wi-Fi Security and Test Bed Implementation for WEP and WPA Cracking
1110   Comparative Study of Tall Building with & Without Earthquake Loading
1111   Development of GIS Integrated Pavement Management System (PMS) for Rural Roads
1112   Development of Model for Estimating IRI from Pavement Distress: A Study on PMGSY Roads
1113   Biometric For Mobile Security
1114   Design Optimization of Piston of an IC Engine and Investigations on its Influence on Overall Assembly
1115   S-Node Inclusion in Leach for Energy Conservation in Wireless Sensor Network
1116   A Study on Data Mining Techniques on Healthcare Issues and its uses and Application on Health Sector
1117   Analysis of Trend in Reference Evapotranspiration in TG Halli and other Sub Watersheds of Cauvery Basin in Karnataka, India
1118   Study of Base Shear, Storey Shear and Base Moment on Multistory Building for Different Seismic Zones
1119   Intelligent IoTs: Stave Off From DDoS Attack
1120   An IoT-Enabled Smart Parking System
1121   Energy Meters using Internet of Things Platform
1122   Experimental Study of Concrete Made with Hypo Sludge and Wood Ash
1123   Security and Timing Analysis of Hybrid Algorithm for ZigBee in Wireless Sensor Network
1124   Change Detection in Urban areas by Fusion of Hyperspectral and Multispectral Images using Non-Subsampled Contour Let Transform Domain
1125   An Introduction to Steganography Techniques in the Field of Digital Image Processing
1126   Performance of RCTall Buildings under Different Seismic Zones
1127   The Role of Rituals in Vijayanagara Polity
1128   The Study of Behavior of RC Beam with Transverse Opening under Static Load
1129   Coagulation/Flocculation Process for Cationic and Anionic Dye Removal using Water Treatment Residuals
1130   GreenDroid: Automated Diagnosis of Energy Inefficiency for SmartPhone Application
1131   Performance Analysis of Route Discovery Model based on RSS
1132   Equivalent Axial Load of Water Filled Steel Hollow Columns under Fire Condition
1133   QR Code Resistant Key Logging Based Visual Cryptography
1134   Fire Protection System Effectiveness with NFPA Standard in Car Manufacturing Plant
1135   Implementation of ZigBee based Personal Area Network (PAN) for Assisting Communication for the Speech Impaired
1136   Development of System using Six Sense Technology for Gesture Detection and Computer Applications
1137   A Review of Hierarchal Clustering Algorithm and Evaluation
1138   CFD Analysis of Thermo Hydraulic Performance of Solar Air Heater Having Roughness of Triangular Cross Section Continuous Ribs on Absorber Plate
1139   VLSI Design of a High-Speed and Energy-Efficient Carry Skip Adder
1140   Early Detection of DDoS Attacks in a Multi-Controller Based SDN
1141   Enhancing Performance and Usability of Keystroke Dynamics Authentication on Mobile Touchscreen Devices using Features Extraction Scheme
1142   Applying the Theory of Constraints in Project Management
1143   Advance Alert for Ambulance Pass by using IOT for Smart City
1144   Bioremediation of Industrial Effluents using Rhodoblastus acidophilus
1145   A Novel Approach towards Performance Analysis of Optical Wireless Communications using Intensity Modulated OFDM
1146   Bio-Computational Analysis of Blood Flow through Two Phase Artery
1147   Brain Tumor Segmentation and Classification using Graph Cut Segmentation and DRLBP
1148   Real Time Object Tracking System
1149   Improving Handover in WiMAX using Stand-By-Request
1150   Smart Digital Indicator Bus Stop
1151   E-Compiler for Java with Security Editor
1152   A Review of High Gain Single Stage Boosting Inverter for Photovoltaic Applications
1153   Design & Implementation of Improved SRAM Cell
1154   Evaluation of Ground Water Quality in Arsikere Taluk
1155   pH Neutralization Using Hybrid Fuzzy Logic PID Controller
1156   Student Information Management System using Android
1157   Vehicular ADHOC Networks Routing Protocols
1158   PixelTone: A Multimodal Interface for Image Editing
1159   Removal of Solids from Hospital Wastewater using Electrocoagulation
1160   Efficient Incremental Density-Based Algorithm for Clustering Large Datasets
1161   Study of Factors Influencing Residential Real estate Development Process
1162   Power Quality Improvement in Power Distribution System using D-STATCOM
1163   Flexible and Fine-Grained Attribute-Based Data Storage in Cloud Computing
1164   Field Assessment Tool for Retail Domain
1165   Modeling Location Based Recommendation for Multiple Cloud Collaborative Services
1166   Perception and Buying Behaviour among Consumers in Cochin towards Organic Fruits and Vegetables
1167   Design and Implementation of SPIHT Algorithm for Image Compression
1168   Modelling of Photovoltaic Cell using Incremental Conductance MPPT Method
1169   Study of Torsional Irregularity in Irregular Structure Provided with Lead Rubber Bearing Isolator
1170   VHDL Implementation of Adaptive Median Filter
1171   Adaptive and Channel Aware Forwarding Attack Detection for Mobile Sensor in WSN with Security of Data
1172   Network Security and Encryption Schemes
1173   An Overview of Ambient Intelligence
1174   Three Axis Modern Pneumatic Trailer
1175   Image Compression and Resizing using Vector Quantization and Other Efficient Algorithms
1176   The Experimental Study of Combined Extrusion-Forging Process by using Modeling
1177   Preparation and Analysis of Hybrid Epoxy Composites
1178   Real Time Object Detection and Tracking using Raspberry Pi
1179   Work Flow with Service Level Agreement
1180   Analysis about Performance and Emission Characteristics of Third Generation Azolla Microalgae Biodiesel and its Blends in a C.I. Engine
1181   Delay Analysis in Industrial Projects by using Relative Importance Index Method
1182   Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams using FRP Technique: A Review
1183   An Approach towards Unequal Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks
1184   SECTUBIM: Automatic Segmentation And Classification of Tumeric Brain MRI Images using FHS (FCM, HWT and SVM)
1185   A Condensation Based Approach to Privacy Preserving Data Mining
1186   Analysis of Water for Nitrate and Nitrite Nitrogen by Potentiometry and UV Visible Spectroscopy- A Comparison
1187   A Person Identification Framework Based on PalmPrint and Fingerprint Biometrics
1188   Comparative Study of Various Techniques of Attack Handling in Wireless Sensor Network
1189   Psoriasis Detection using Texture Analysis
1190   Investigation of Current Behavioral Safety in Indian Construction Industry
1191   Qualitative & Quantitative Estimation of Bioactive Compounds and Antioxidant Activity in Citrus Hystrix
1192   Object Detection and Classification for vehicle ADAS
1193   Security Aspects of Cloud Migration
1194   Bus Arrival Time Prediction System Based on Participatory Sensing With Smart Phone
1195   Modelling the Hydrology of Watershed by using HEC-HMS
1196   Transmission Losses Minimization Considering Wind Power Using Teaching-Learning-Based Optimization
1197   Flow and Temperature Control for an Innovative Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy
1198   Blockchain Revolution in Supply Chain
1199   Efficient Identity-Based Encryption used in Cloud Computing
1200   Comparative Study of Project Loon & Facebook Aquila
1201   Renewable Energy in Smart Buildings by Managing Green Charge
1202   An Efficient Soft Set Approach for Association Rule Mining Using Constraints
1203   Buffer Constraint Based End-To- End Delay Modeling in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
1204   Digitization and Tracking of Theft Vehicles
1205   Detection of Power Thefting and Wire Breakage
1206   A Study of Abrasive Flow Machining by Modeling with ANSYS
1207   Study of Optimization Parameters in Electrochemical Machining Operation
1208   Voltage Instability Detection & Solution in Power System
1209   Compressed Air Engine with Implementation of Pre-Heater
1210   A Client Side Solution for Mitigating Cross Site Scripting Attacks
1211   Analyzing Safe Practices in Water Jet Cutting Machine using Risk Matrix
1212   Hierarchy Attribute Based Encryption Level of Location Proof for Mobile
1213   Optimum Regenerator Placement in WDM Optical Network
1214   Data Visualization: The Modus Operandi of Workplace Communication
1215   Device Based User Authentication in Wireless Network
1216   Implementation of New Grid Computing Technology for Flexible Resource Sharing using MANET
1217   Design and Evaluation of an Overall Construction Safety Management System for Residential Construction Sites: A Graph Theoretic Approach
1218   Review of Techniques used to Handle Malcious Activities Present with in Advanced Computing System
1219   Efficient Design of Fixed Width Multiplier using Truncation and Error Compensation
1220   Rework Management in Construction Projects and Comparison with Time and Cost
1221   Performance and Emission Test on Neem Oil Blended with Diesel as an Alternative Fuel in CI Engine
1222   A Simulation Design of LTE Communication System under Adaptive Modulation Schemes
1223   Analysis of Lumped System in Slab
1224   Data Classification using Multiple Support Vector Machine with Ant Colony Optimization
1225   Fabrication of Highly Strained Stainless Steel Powder Reinforced Copper Based Hybrid Composite
1226   Recommender System for Best University/Institute Using Soft Computing Techniques
1227   Qualitative Analysis of Soil Fertility on the Basis of Soil Properties for Contaminated Land Due to Chewing Tobacco
1228   Parking Problems in Central Business District (CBD) Area of Vadodara: A Detailed Survey
1229   Utilization of Treated Effluent of STPs in Delhi
1230   Review and Analysis of Methods of synchronization for Chaotic Colpitts Oscillators
1231   Study of Use of Waste Polyurethane Foam as a Partial Replacement for Fine Aggregate in Concrete
1232   DTMF Controlled Enemy Detecting Robot for Border Security with Live Video Transmission
1233   Review on Design Optimization of Engine Crankshaft
1234   Design and Development of Miniature Model of Micro-Grid for Generation of Small Power using Distributed Generation
1235   Simulation of Energy-Efficient Transmission Scheme in WSNs by using CNS
1236   ISPORTS
1237   Design of Compression and Indexing Techniques for Documents of Domain Specific Cluster
1238   Land use Change Analysis Case Study of Kadavur Taluk in Karur District, Tamil Nadu, India; during on 2001 to 2015
1239   Design and Implementation of Automatic Extraction of Elements of Web Search Interfaces for LVS Table in HIWE
1240   Implement Image Processing Library for Visual Inspection Head
1241   Integration of Automation Devices in Hydro Plants on a Highest Level
1242   Design and Development of 3D Stereoscopic Files Visualization Software
1243   Design of Low Power and High Performance of a Novel 13T SRAM for Ultra Low Power Applications
1244   Reducing Power, Delay and Area of Threshold Logic by using D-Flip Flop
1245   FPGA Implementation of Secret Data Sharing through Image by using LWT and LSB Steganography Technique
1246   Fabrication of Grinding Attachment for 2-Super Lathe Machine
1247   Design of Parallel Crawler using Multi-Threading Model
1248   Academic Administration Control using Android App
1249   Rank the Search Result by Markov Chain Principle
1250   Design and Implementation of High Performance Vedic Multiplier using Brent Kung Adder
1251   Vehicle Accident Spotting and Monitoring by Utilizing MEMS Accelerometer and GPS Tracing
1252   Multidimensional Optimisation of a Water Distribution System and its Management
1253   Image Encryption and Decryption using Shifting Technique
1254   Propose and Manufacture of Chainless Bicycle
1255   Communication Networks and Communication Technologies used in Smart Grid
1256   Image Processing Based Enemy Scan and Shoot
1257   Analyzing the Credit Card Fraud Detection using Data Mining Techniques
1258   Students Feedback for Mining Their Opinions Using Supervised Learning Algorithm
1259   A Real Time Virtual Trainer for Rehabilitation
1260   Predicting Instructors Performance using Data Mining Techniques
1261   Digitally Signing & Encrypting Database Record
1262   Online Tyre Inflation System
1263   Automatic Communication Control Configuration System through Lay Outing System Bus
1264   Impact of Co Teaching on Learning of Students
1265   PIPE Line Monitoring using IoT
1266   Advanced Education System for Faster Student Data Processing
1267   Trans-Seva: E-Challan System using QR-Code
1268   Super-Resolution using Gaussian Mixture Model
1269   Reconstruct an Image from a Blurred image by using Shrinkage-Thresholding Operators
1270   Share Market Analysis and Prediction System using Machine Learning
1271   Performance Analysis of Autonoumos Micro Hydro Power Plant with Induction Generator
1272   Image EDGE Enhancement using Image Fusion Technique
1273   Various Segmentation Techniques in Image Processing
1274   A Review on Network Layer Security in Wireless Sensor Network
1275   Design of an ERP Software that Facilitates Easy Flow of a Process Change Order (PCO) Request in an Enterprise
1276   Review Paper on Importance of Data Science in 2020
1277   Hybrid Cloud Approach for Secure Authorized Deduplication
1278   Context Dependent Product Matching and Recognition
1279   A Unique Solution for Security of Agriculture Produce Using IOT
1280   Cloudsynth: A Tool for Modelling and Simulation of Load Balancing Techniques in Cloud Computing
1281   PG Locator
1282   Handsfree Interactive Application for Kids Communication
1283   Security Cloud using Text File Splitting and OTP
1284   GSM Based Two Wheeler Theft Detection System using Digital Lock
1285   Mobile for TV Control
1286   Defending Sybil Attack in MANET by Modified Secure AODV
1287   Automated Fire Detection And Extinguishing Bot
1288   A Survey of Content Based Image Retrieval in Cloud Computing
1289   Design of Grinding Attachment for 2-Super Lathe Machine
1290   Performance Analysis of QoS Parameters in IEEE 802.15.4 (Zigbee)
1291   RREQ Flooding Attack Mitigation in MANET Using Dynamic Profile Based Technique
1292   EduPad - A Tablet Based Educational System for Improving Adult Literacy in Rural India
1293   Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Attack Detection in Software Defined Networking with Cloud Computing
1294   Protection of Crops and Proper Usage of Rain Water with Embedded System Using GSM Technology
1295   Low Cost Internet of Things Approach for Security Surveillance Using Raspberry-Pi
1296   Performance Trade of QoS in IEEE 802.11b using Various Security Parameters
1297   Mitigating Black Hole Attack on MANET with AOMDV Protocol
1298   An Android Based Application for Women Security
1299   Nanotechnology and Energy
1300   RFID Based Smart Trolley for Automatic Billing System
1301   Generation of Electricity with the Blades of Ceiling Fan
1302   Minutiae Based Fingerprint Extraction And Recognition Process
1303   Web Based Monitoring of Sensor Data for Smart Cities
1304   Structural Optimization of ER Spring Collet for Maximized Gripping Action
1305   An Efficient Framework for Database Forensic Analysis
1306   My Campus Android Application
1307   Lived In Experience of Patients with First Episode of Myocardial Infarction-Qualitative Study
1308   Forecasting: An Engineers Perspective
1309   Vehicular Pollution Monitoring System and Detection of Vehicles Causing Global Warming
1310   Attitude towards Computer Security
1311   Prevention of BLACK HOLE attack in MANET Using Indexing Algorithm
1312   Traform Bot
1313   A Secure Anti-Collusion Data Sharing Scheme for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud
1314   A Review Paper on Multilevel Grid Converter Topologies
1315   Analysis of Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Matrix Material Reinforced by Silicon Carbide
1316   Cloud Workflow Scheduling With Deadlines and Timeslots Availability
1317   Smart RTO Web and Android Application
1318   Smart Self-Diagnostic based Hospital Management System for Rural Areas
1319   Online Bus Pass Issue and Renewal
1320   Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
1321   Interpersonal Influence and Prediction Gathering System
1322   Congestion Control for Multi-Path Transport Protocol Based Optimization Video Streaming
1323   A Review on Design and Manufacturing of Steering System in an Off Road Vehicle
1324   Multimodal Biometric Fusion
1325   Implementation of Automated Fuel Stock Digital Display for Vehicles
1326   DoubleGuard: Detecting Intrusions in Multitier Web Applications
1327   Close Proximity Wireless Door lock Control System using Android and Raspberry Pi
1328   IoT Based Air Pollution Level Monitoring and LPG Cylinder Regulation and Security System
1329   Co-Extracting Opinion Targets and Opinion Words from Online Reviews Based on the Word Alignment Model
1330   Fabrication of Solar Air Cooler for Remote Area
1331   An Intelligent Safety System for Individuals Security
1332   Android Bus Pass Project
1333   Evaluation Model for Unbalanced Bidding in Construction Industry
1334   Prediction of Rating by Using Users’ Geographical Social Factors
1335   Comparative Analysis for the Use of Non-Conventional Material in Bricks
1336   Thermodynamic Simulation and Performance Evaluation of Diesel Engine with Blends of Biogas, Methane and Hydrogen under Dual Fuel Mode
1337   Development of Soldier Tracking with Real Time Health Monitoring and Control System
1338   Comparative Study of User Recommendation Based on Sentiment Analysis in Twitter
1339   Simulation of Generator Negative Sequence Protection Using Matlab
1340   Determination of Agricultural by Products Potential
1341   E-Commerce Product Aspect Ranking Based on Consumer Reviews
1342   Colour Image Enhancement Using Image Fusion
1343   Cloud-Assisted Video Recommendation System
1344   Design, And Analysis of Pressure Vessel with Hemispherical and Flat Circular End
1345   Employees Performance in Public Service Organizations: Ethiopia, Tigray
1346   IOT Based Agriculture System
1347   An Intelligent Appliance With Multimedia Capability
1348   A Case Study on Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), Delawas, Jaipur
1349   A Comparative Study of Ambient Air Quality of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Area of Gorakhpur
1350   Software Puzzle for GPU Inflated DoS Attack
1351   To Enhance the Security of Quick Response Code in Smartphones
1352   Solar Operated Refrigeration System without Refrigerant
1353   Implementation of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Algorithm for Image Encryption
1354   Modeling and Simulation of CNT using VNL
1355   Rapid Entire Body Postural Analysis & Assessment Device for Computer Operators
1356   IoT Based Home Automation System using Raspberry Pi
1357   Novel Countersign Vault
1358   Application of IOT for Home Security System
1359   Sustainable Green Construction in India: Catalysts and Hindrances
1360   Voice Controlled Car Accessories
1361   Analysis of Palm Vein Recognition Technique using Binary Feature Extraction for Unique Identification
1362   An Investigation on Workability and Strength Characteristics of Red Mud Concrete
1363   A Review of Channel Estimation of MIMO-OFDM
1364   Properties of Ordinary Concrete by Use of Stone Dust and Fly-ash
1365   Smart Waste Collection System Based on Location Intelligence
1366   Properties of Concrete by using Coconut Shell as Coarse Aggregate
1367   Thermal Energy Storage System Design & Optimization
1368   Unsupervised Change Detection Algorithm from VHR Satelite Images using Soft Computing Technique
1369   Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polmer Strengthening Of Reinforced Concrete Beam with Partial Replacement of Msand
1370   Study of Biomass Production for Energy in Forming Prospective
1371   A Zero-Forcing Crosstalk Canceler for Upstream VDSL with Optimized Spectra
1372   An Open Wi-Fi based Indoor Positioning System for Smartphones
1373   Intuitionistic Fuzzy Completely Generalized Semi Continuous Mappings
1374   An Alternative Data Security and Load Balancing in Multiprotocol Label Switching Wireless LAN
1375   Smart Electricity Meter System using Near Field Communication (NFC)
1376   Image Quality Assessment for Fake Biometric Detection: Application to Iris, Fingerprint, and Face Recognition
1377   Eye Tracking to Browse a Web Page
1378   Implementation of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) on FPGA
1379   Bridge Monitoring System
1380   Automated Parking System using IOT
1381   Single Phase 5-Level Inverter Switching Pulses by Interfacing Arduino Uno with MATLAB
1382   Quasi Switched Boost Network Based Isolated High Step Up DC-DC Converter With Reduced Switching Losses
1383   An Experimental Investigation on the Strength Properties of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete
1384   Multiple Black Hole Detection Algorithm for AODV in MANET
1385   Design of Low Power Embedded Processor using Clock Gating (Power Reduction) Technique
1386   FTM to Optimize QoS in Optical Burst Switching Network
1387   Fire Fighting Robot for Disaster Management
1388   Manufacturing of Building Blocks by Utilising of Iron Ore Tailings
1389   A Cloud Based Distributed Medical Record System with Big Data Analytics
1390   Management of Construction of Railway Over Bridge at Pulgaon
1391   Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation: A Study of Students’ Attitude
1392   GSM Based Password Protected EVM Machine Using PLC and SCADA
1393   Traffic Detection from Real Time Twitter Stream Analysis and Navigation System
1394   Stability Analysis of Distributed Generation System for Three Phase Inverter Interfacing with Ultracapacitor
1395   Water Supply Management Alert System
1396   Review on Design and Analysis of Connecting Rod Using Different Material
1397   Advanced Image Steganography Technique using DWT and SVD with High PSNR
1398   Fuzzy Logic Approach to Quantify Water Pollution
1399   Comparison of P&O and IC controller for Maximum Power Point Tracking of Photovoltaic Array with Grid Connected System
1400   Analysis of Student Learning Experience by Mining Social Media Data
1401   Association Rule Mining Method for Applying Encryption Techniques in Transaction Data
1402   Wireless Advertisement Display for Data Transmission
1403   Cloud Based Services for Emergency Response Vehicles with Optimal Path Calculation
1404   Comparison of properties of Fiber Mix Reinforced Concrete & Conventional Concrete
1405   A Study of Criminal Behaviour with Academic Achievement among Adolescent
1406   Government Schemes Alerts
1407   Performance Evaluation of Solar Based Thermoelectric Refrigerator
1408   Secure medical Image classification based on Azure Cloud
1409   Design and Fabrication of Bore Well Rescue Robot
1410   Effect of Modification of Treadmill Bicycle by Chaindrive
1411   Online Voting System via Mobile
1412   Design of a Multiplier using Low Power High Speed Hybrid Full Adder
1413   To Redesign Magnetic Conveyor System into Oscillating System for Thermoset Powder Coating Machine to Overcome its Various Problems in Mild Steel Buckles
1414   Design and Fabrication of Prosthetic Human Hand using EEG and Force Sensor with Arduino Micro Controller
1415   Use of knowledge Organization Tools for Information Processing, in Library Complex of NIMS University, Jaipur, India
1416   Smart Card Health Security System
1417   Simulation and Analysis of Various Switching Fault of Five Level Neutral Point Clamped Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive
1418   Development of Inertial Navigation System based on Accelerometer and Gyroscope
1419   Discovery of Ranking Fraud for Mobile Applications
1420   Texture and Gabor Wavelet Based Classification of Hysteroscopy Images of the Endometrium
1421   Neuro-Fuzzy Classifier System Based on Class-Based Grouping and EM Clustering Algorithm
1422   IoT & Cloud Server Based Wearable Health Monitoring System
1423   Smart City IoT Based Weather Monitoring System
1424   Optimal Coordinated Voltage Control Method for Distribution Network in Presence of Distributed Generators
1425   Improvement of Power Quality in the Distribution System by Placement of UPQC
1426   Design and Implementation of Solar Tracker with Optimimum Maximum Power Point Tracking for AFV Applications
1427   Grid Connected PV/Wind Hybrid System with Improved Power Quality
1428   Self-Immunity Technique to Improve Register File Integrity against Soft Errors
1429   Area and Stage Identification of Brain Tumor using Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
1430   Usage and Effectiveness of E-Commerce Tool among Business-To-Consumer
1431   Drawing Robot using Inverse Kinematic Algorithm
1432   An Approach for Denoising and Analysis of Surveillance Video for Security Applications
1433   Diabetic Data Analysis using Neural Network
1434   Immuno Antichemo Nanorobotic Treatment
1435   Wi Fi Based Indoor Positioning System
1436   Single Phase Interleaved Boost Converter using Average Current Control Technique for PF & THD Improvement
1437   Effect of Artificial Fine Aggregate and Natural Fine Aggregate Available in Haveri District on Strength of Concrete
1438   Privacy Preserving Auditing for Secure Cloud Storage
1439   Light Weight VANET using Multi-Hop Cluster Based WAVE and LTE
1440   Hierarchical Energy Efficient Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks: Hybrid Energy Efficient Distributed Protocol
1441   A Survey of Vehicular Communication
1442   A Survey Paper on All Cryptographic Techniques
1443   Experimental Behaviour of Short Column using Coconut Shell Ash, Iron Powder and Steel Fibers to Enhance the Properties of Concrete
1444   Design and Development of Blood Sample Analyzer Using Intelligent Machine Vision Techniques
1445   MRI and CT Image Denoising using Gaussian Filter, Wavelet Transform and Curvelet Transform
1446   Highway Power Generation using Low Cost Vertical Axis Wind Turbine [VAWT]
1447   Intelligent Waste Segregation and Monitoring System
1448   Iot Based Garbage and Street Light Monitoring System
1449   GEO-Polymer Concrete by using Fly Ash
1450   Fatigue Detection While Driving
1451   Review of Cardiovascular Disease in Diabetic Patients using Data Mining Techniques
1452   Impact of Mathematics Lab on School Students
1453   Design Modifications of Rear Panel of Hearth Layer Screening Machine of Sinter Plant in Visakhapatnam Steel Plant
1454   Use of Plastic in Bituminous Road Construction
1455   An Analysis of Performance and Security of the Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
1456   Detection and Recognition of Leaf Disease Using Image Processing
1457   Soil pH Formulation by its Moisture using Digital Image Processing
1458   Load Forecasting using Linear Regression Analysis and Moving Average Technique in Time Series Model for RGUKT, R.K. Valley Campus HT Feeder
1459   Design and Synthesis of BPSK/QPSK using Simulink
1460   Sentiment Analysis using Machine Learning
1461   Dynamic Voltage Stability Enhancement by using Microgrid Voltage Stabilizer
1462   Concept Generation for High Efficiency Radiator Design
1463   A Mixture of Advanced Cloud for Sheltered Approved Duplication
1464   Experimental Investigation and Properties of High Strength Composite Concrete with Steel Fibre
1465   Face Identification
1466   Automated Load Shedding and Notification to the Consumers using GSM
1467   Mobile App Recommendation Based on Rating Review & Ranking
1468   Identity and Access Management
1469   Ardunio Controlled Landmine Detection Robot
1470   Pesticides Information System
1471   Survey on Computational Offloading In Mobile Cloud Computing Environment
1472   Green Cooking
1473   Design the Framework for Detecting Malicious Mobile Webpages in Real Time
1474   Multifunctional Flооr Cleaning Machine
1475   Overview and an Approach to Develop a Four Quadrant Control System for DC Motors without using Microcontroller
1476   Code Refactoring using Design Flaw Metrics
1477   Study of Strength of Concrete using Waste Marble Dust and Crushed Tiles as Partial Replacement of Fine and Coarse Aggregate
1478   P-V Curve Method for Voltage Stability and Power Margin Studies
1479   Effect of Magnetic Water on Properties of Concrete
1480   Power Flow Control of Deregulated System using Facts Devices
1481   Finger Knuckle Recognition System for Person Verification
1482   Forex Detection using Neural Networks in Image Processing
1483   Controlling Privacy by using Methodology and Techniques of Big Data
1484   Review on 3D Fuzzy Routing Based on Wireless Sensor Network
1485   Design and Fabrication of a Compact High Output Wood Gas Gasifier
1486   Customer Preferential Study on CRM Factors for Public and Private Sector Banks with Reference to Ahmadabad District
1487   Studies on Corrosion Properties of Aluminium 6013/ Red Mud Metal Matrix Composites in Sodium Chloride and Sodium Hydroxide Medium
1488   FPGA Implementation of Viterbi Decoder for Long Survivor Path
1489   Cryptography in Cloud Computing: A Basic Approach to Ensure Security in Cloud
1490   Stress and Strain Behaviour of Prefabricated Cage System
1491   A Survey on Wireless Body Area Network Challenges and Energy Management Issue
1492   Design of Sequential Circuits with Timing Analysis and Considerations
1493   Low Power FIR Filter Architecture for Fixed and Reconfigurable Applications using MCM Technique
1494   An Automatic Gap-Fill Multiple Choices Question Generator for Quizzing
1495   Modelling of an Airlift Bioreactor using CFD and PBE for Production of PHB from Molasses
1496   Two-Factor Data Safety Protection System for Cloud Storage Platform
1497   Mobile Controlled Spy Robot
1498   Radiation Effects on Humans in Daily Life
1499   Design, Analysis and Fabrication of Automatic Transmission System
1500   A Survey: Smart City Services
1501   Comparative Study of Software Effort Estimation using Different Algorithms: A Review Paper
1502   Database Management System
1503   Awareness of Air Pollution through IoT
1504   E-Learning Based on Cloud Computing
1505   A Comparative Study on High Speed and Low Power Radix FFT
1506   Object Recognition using Feature Based Technique
1507   Key Authentication Based Door Lock Monitoring System using MQTT on ESP8266
1508   Comparison of Performance Parameter of Palm Vein using Different Algorithm
1509   Factors Affecting Construction Cost Estimation of Building Projects
1510   Suitability of Laterite Fines as a Partial Replacement for Sand in the Production of Sandcrete Bricks
1511   Big Data for Personalized Health Care
1512   Yawning Detection to Prevent Road Accidents
1513   Thermal Analysis of Pin Fin with Different Shape Forms using ANSYS
1514   Aggregation of Data Based on Clusters: A Bayesian Approach
1515   Anomaly Detection using CCTV in Closed Environment
1516   Automated Attendance Monitoring System using Facial Recognition
1517   Filtering System for Online Social Networking users– A Survey Paper
1518   Android Powered Autonomous GPS Robot
1519   Design and Fabrication of Electromagnetic Shock Absorber
1520   Digital Complaint System for Government Bodies
1521   Automatic Speed Control and Challan System
1522   Islanding Detection Based on Reactive Power Control
1523   Intrusion Detection System for Network Data Set using Data Mining Techniques
1524   Investigation of Machining Characteristics of Micro ECM on SS304
1525   Seismic Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Buildings under Varying Frequency Contents
1526   Study of Strength of Concrete with Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate by Foundry Sand
1527   Characteristic Strength of Concrete using Steel Slag as a Coarse Aggregate
1528   Retempering of Concrete by using Chemical Admixture Metakaolin
1529   Web Content Mining: Tool, Technique & Concepts
1530   Increasing Energy Efficiency of WSN using Cluster Based Routing
1531   Parametric Optimization of New Free Piston Engine Mounting by Design of Experiments and Response Surface Methods using Finite Element Method
1532   A Result Paper of Wormhole Attack Detection and Prevention in MANET using Bait Scheme
1533   Contactless Chargeable Pollution-Free Bus
1534   Classification of Lung Cancer Stages using Quantitative Image and Genomic Biomarker
1535   Power Generation from Sound and Pressure
1536   Review paper on Different Techniques in Combination with IDS
1537   Influence of Polypropylene Fiber in Self Compacting Concrete
1538   Sliding Window DFT Implementation on FPGA
1539   A Service Recommendation Model Using Quantum Genetics Concept
1540   Remotely Controlled CNC Laser Engraver with Android Mobile or PC using Team Viewer Software
1541   Impact of Wind Turbine Generators on Stability of Power Systems
1542   An Improved Image Encryption Scheme Based on Logistic Map and Some Image Quality Factors
1543   Welding of Two Dissimilar Steels with the Help of MIG
1544   A Survey on Wireless Body Area Network and Human Machine Control
1545   Kinetic Studies for Hospital Wastewater by Fenton and Electro Fenton Process
1546   An Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Network by using Ternary with Silent Symbol Coding Technique
1547   Lineage of Mobile Cellular Technology
1548   Horizontal Pullout Capacity of a Group of Two Vertical Square Anchors Embedded in Dense Sand
1549   Design and Development of Tuned Vibration Absorber to Control Engine Body Vibration in Idling and Running Condition
1550   Static Stability Bike
1551   City Navigation without Internet
1552   Large Scale Satellite Image Processing Using Hadoop Framework
1553   Implementation of Cloud based Application for Smart Cities
1554   Analysis of Handover in VLC Systems
1555   Gesture Controlled Pick and Place Robot
1556   Greenhouse Monitoring for Betel Leaf Vine Cultivation using Iot and Wireless Sensor Network
1557   Secure Identity Dissemination in Cloud Environment
1558   Power Generation using Footsteps
1559   Experimental Study of Solid Pin Fin with Various Perforations
1560   Experimental Studies on Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Concrete without Portland Cement-An Eco Friendly Construction
1561   River Boundaries Extraction in Mountain Areas with Removal of Shadow using SAR Image
1562   Separation of Low Frequency Part and High Frequency Part using Image Decomposition
1563   Android Application: ENCRYPTO
1564   Analog CMOS Implementation of Memory Units and Memory Devices
1565   Percentage of Cd(II) Ion Removal at Various Contact Time by Adsorbent ACDSFS and Derivation of Mathematical Modeling
1566   Leaf Disease Identification using Image Processing
1567   ATM Security using Iris Recognition Technology and RFID (2017)
1568   A Secure and Fast Approach for Encryption and Decryption of Message Communication
1569   Energy Optimization using Neighbour Coverage Based Rebroadcast and Rebroadcast Probability in MANET
1570   IoT Based Women Safety Device using ARM7
1571   Brain Tumor Segmentation in MRI Image using Hybrid Technique
1572   Secure Communication in Online Payment
1573   Experimental Study on Effect of Silica Fume on Steel Slag Aggregate Concrete using Fibers
1574   Caramel Kernel
1575   Definition through Corbusiers Lens
1576   Effect of Replacement of Natural Sand by the Mixture of Quarry Dust, Red Mud and Foundry Sand on the Properties of Concrete
1577   Performance Analysis of a Combined Energy Harvesting Cognitive Radio Network
1578   Reviewing Automatic Test Data Generation
1579   Benefits of Implement Big Data Driven Supply Chain Management: An ISM Based Model
1580   A Critical Assessment on Block Cipher Modes
1581   The Best Strategy for Indian Manufacturing Organisations to be World Class
1582   Experimental Investigation for Enhancing the Strength Properties of Rigid Pavement with Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and Silica Fume
1583   Automatic Rationing System
1584   Pick & Place Robot using IOT
1585   Object Identification using Thermal Image Processing
1586   Aging Face Recognition Along with Personal Identification using Local Patterns Selection
1587   Appropriate Contractor Evaluation Techniques in Construction Industry Based on Multicriteria Decisions
1588   Detecting Worms Based on Data Mining Classification Technique
1589   Leg to Wheel Transfer Robot
1590   On ⋀Ĝ−Closed Sets in Topological Spaces
1591   Smart Shoe for Route Nevigation and Location Notification
1592   On Nano Generalized^- Continous and Irresolute Functions in Nano Topological Spaces
1593   A Review on Big Data and Cloud Computing Security
1594   Human Hair as Fibre Reinforcement in Concrete
1595   A Monitoring Device for Blind
1596   Quality Based Enhancement for Face Recognition using LBP Feature Extraction and classifying using SVM
1597   Performance Analysis of Data Mining Techniques over Sleeping Problem Dataset
1598   Automated Detection and Classification of Cancerous Lung Nodule using Level Set Segmentation and ANN
1599   Comparison of Wear Resistant and Hardness test of Sub-Zero Treated & Untreated HSS Endmill for Machining AISI316L Stainless Steel
1600   Study on Partial Replacement of Cement with Waste Paper Sludge Ash in Fibre Reinforced Concrete
1601   An Embedded Based Monitoring and Distribution System for Water Supply in Urban Areas
1602   Web Based Accident Information System through GPS
1603   Investigation on Strength of Concrete Containing Steel Slag Aggregates as Partial Replacement of Sand
1604   Design & Fabrication of Automatic Drainage Cleaning System using Solar Panel
1605   Survey of Review Sentiment Analysis through Text Classification and Text Clustering
1606   Study of Financing Process & Procedure Followed by Jaika Motors Ltd
1607   Quality Analysis of Ground Water for Ranebennur City
1608   A Survey on Efficient Approach of Finding Frequent Itemsets
1609   Soil Stabilization using Lime and Polypropylene Fiber Material
1610   Role of Geo-Grid in Enhancing the Bearing Capacity of Soil
1611   Network Security- An Overview
1612   PID Controller for Two Tank Liquid Level Process Using LabVIEW
1613   Use of Mechanical Threaded Coupler in Steel Reinforcement
1614   Design and Analysis of Building by AKSES and Manual Method
1615   Cost Implications of Self Sufficient and Energy Efficient Urban Residential Building Certification Process
1616   Internet of Things in Industries
1617   Human Activity Classification using Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) of Continuous Wave Radar Spectrogram
1618   Obstacle Sensing and Location Tracking System for Vision Impaired Persons
1619   Computer Aided Design of Traffic Signals
1620   Loan Analyzer using Artificial Intelligence
1621   Creating a Hunger Driven Smartphone Market by Xiaomi
1622   Briefing: Images and Image Processing
1623   Experimental Study of Concrete using E-Waste as Coarse Aggregate
1624   Grouping Web Search Results under Category using Clustering
1625   Hand Gesture Recognition for Devnagari Sign Language
1626   Implementation of Proposed Clustering Algorithm (ECBA) on Criminal Dataset
1627   Anticipation of Software Development Effort using Artificial Neural Network for NASA Data Sets
1628   Design and Fabrication of Agricultural Working Robot
1629   Diffusion Speed Model for Face Liveness Detection in True Face Authentication
1630   Thermal Analysis of Double Pipe Heat Exchanger using Various PCM
1631   Implementation of Student Project Analysis and Management
1632   Image Compression using SPIHT Algorithm and Implementation with MATLAB
1633   Portable Paper-Bag Making Machine
1634   Energy Saving in Wireless Sensor Networks
1635   Electricity Meter Reading Based on Image Processing
1636   Railway Track Crack Detection Vehicle
1637   Seismic Performance of High Rise RC Structures with and Without Openings in Shear Wall
1638   Study of Software Testing Techniques and Tools
1639   Implementation of Improvement in Correctly Classified Instances and Improve Accuracy using IDTA Decision Tree Algorithm
1640   Sybil Attack Prevention in WSN Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography and Genetic Algorithm
1641   Traffic Control System using Zigbee Module
1642   Android Based Remote Monitoring of Water Quality from Reservoirs
1643   Multitasking Smart Car Control using Voice Commands
1644   Study of Response of RC Tall Buildings Subjected to Blast Loads
1645   Study of the Vertical Irregularities in Tall RC Structures under Lateral Load
1646   Soft Storey Effects on the Performance of High Rise RC Structure under Seismic Load
1647   Online Voting System (OVS) Based on Adhaar
1648   Improving Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing using Elliptic Curve
1649   Design and Fabrication of Assembly for Square Hole Drill Machine
1650   Cataract Detection
1651   Comparative Study of a RCC Structure and RCC, GFRG Combined Structure
1652   Analytical Behaviour of Multistoried Building with Base Isolation and Cross Bracing Subjected to Earthquake Loading
1653   Heat Zone Validation using Thermal Imaging
1654   Predicting Bus Arrival Time with Mobile Phone Based Participatory Sensing
1655   Promoting Consumption of Solar Energy using Smart Meter
1656   Agile Software Development Practices using Model Based Design in Development Projects
1657   Design and Fabrication of Solar Water Still
1658   Review Detection of Salient Structure by Contour Guided Ocular Exploration
1659   A Case Study in the Design of a Source Extraction System
1660   Awareness of Implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) Among College Students’ in Sivakasi
1661   Concentrated Parabolic Solar Dryer System
1662   Recommendation System (March 2017)
1663   A Review: An Importance of Group Technology in Automation Engineering
1664   Garbage Monitoring System using GSM
1665   Review Paper on Automatic Mulch Laying and Hole Generation in Farm
1666   Design and Fabrication of Pedal Operated Water Pump
1667   Predicting Instructor Performance using Data Mining Techniques in Higher Education
1668   CFD Analysis of Two phase Flow of Liquid N2 in External Solenoid of Electric Propulsion Engine for use in Space
1669   Robo Farm
1670   Unidirectional Visible Light Communication for Internet-of-Things Devices
1671   Analysis of Two-Way Relaying of Satellite Communication
1672   GPS Based Android Application for Women Security
1673   Voltage Regulation and Reactive Power Compensation by STATCOM based on 48-Pluse GTO (VSC)
1674   Place & Route Optimization of OpenMSP430 Microcontroller using Verilog
1675   Numerical Modeling for Prediction of Hydraulic Pipe Transients in Water Hammer Situations by the MOC for Different Valve Closure Times
1676   QA Typology
1677   Cloud Computing for Agriculture
1678   Authentication Technique for Security using Ensemble Graphical Password
1679   Automated Eosinophil Cell Count Test of a Blood Smear as a Health Marker
1680   Multiparty Access Privacy Preservation for User Shared Images
1681   Analysis of Adaptive Lossless Image Compression using Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Spider Monkey Optimization (PSOSMO) Algorithm
1682   A Comparative Study on the Provisions of Existing Seismic Code and Draft Code for the Analysis and Design of Circular Water Tanks
1683   Characterization of Natural Fibers Reinforced CNSL Matrix Composite
1684   Exhaustive Study of Few Quality Management Awards
1685   SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance Access Control Implementation
1686   Wireless BOMB Disposal Robot
1687   Experimental Investigation on Steel Concrete Composite Stubs
1688   BikeBeat: An Implementation of an Android Application using Real Time Data from a Motorcycle using Arduino Microcontroller and Bluetooth
1689   Hybrid Book Recommendation System
1690   Cloud Computing Models and Security Challenges
1691   Smart Stick for Blind using Arduino, Ultrasonic Sensor and Android
1692   Virtual License
1693   Automatic Gadget Charger using Coin Detection and Solar Panel
1694   Intelligent Street-Light System using Arduino UNO
1695   Coin Based Mobile Charger using MATLAB
1696   Analysis of Text Review using Hybrid Classifier
1697   Dual-Tree Complex Wavelets Transform Based Facial Expression Recognition using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Local Binary Pattern(LBP)
1698   A Novel Constant Current Hot Wire Anemometer
1699   A Study on Human Resource Planning of Lovely Offset Printers Private Limited in Sivakasi
1700   Detection and Recognition of Objects and Providing Purchase links using APIs
1701   Model for Extraction of Protein-Protein Interaction Methods from Biomedical Literature
1702   Comparative Analysis of Graph Database and a Relational Database
1703   Carbon Nanotubes: A Review on Synthesis, Properties and Applications
1704   Automated Urban Water Supply System
1705   Enhanced BRM Technique to Avoid Blackhole Attacks on MANETs
1706   Privacy Preserved Public Auditing in Cloud Storage using Regenerating Codes
1707   Implementation and Simulation of Cascaded H-Bridge Multi-Level Inverter
1708   Dynamic Elimination of Low Energy Nodes to Perform Reliable Delivery
1709   Development of System for Early Fire Detection using Arduino UNO
1710   Textural Analysis of Coastal Red Sediments from Dibbalapalem, Vizianagaram District, Andhra Pradesh, India
1711   Monitoring & Detection of Soil Chemical Level using Wireless Sensor Technology to Identify Root Knot Nematode Infestation in Rice Fields
1712   Optimum Regenerator Placement in WDM Optical Network: A Review
1713   Water Quality Analysis of Shantisagara Lake
1714   Deceptive Relay Mechanism to Boost Base Station Anonymity in WSN
1715   Leakage Failure Analysis in Super Heater Tubes In Sugar Industry
1716   Emotion Detection Using Face Recognition
1717   Comparatively Study of Elliptic Curve Cryptography and RSA Algorithm for Data Security in Cloud
1718   Micromachining of Silicon A Review on Recent Development and Prospective
1719   Smart Shoe for Route Nevigation and Location Notification
1720   Qualification of Apache2.2 Agent Made Easy with Automation Testing Framework
1721   Modelling and simulation of Urban electric bus using MATLAB
1722   A Review on Fugitive Dust It’s Impact, Modeling and Remedies
1723   Labelling of Documents using Ontology
1724   Integration of Bluetooth Wireless Stack for Automotive INVANET Communication
1725   Object Identification using Graph Theory
1726   Review Paper on Multifunctional use of Nano Silica in Concrete
1727   The Process Model for Shop Floor Management Implementation
1728   Natural Rubber latex Modified Cement Concrete- A Review
1729   Accelerating Fast Fourier Transformation using Image Processing Techniques
1730   Analysis of Classification Methods for Diagnosis of Pulmonary Nodules in CT Images
1731   Travel Advisory System
1732   Web Based Event Management System using Android
1733   Influence of Metakaolin and Coir Fibre on Mechanical Properties of Natural Rubber Latex Modified Concrete
1734   A Model for Collection and Establishment of Firing Order for Balancing of V6 Engine
1735   Floating Point Fused Add-Subtract and Dot-Product Units
1736   Emergency Helpline
1737   Assessing Self Concept and School Adjustment Level of Children with Learning Disability
1738   Sentiment Analysis in Online Hotel Booking
1739   Iot Based Smart Garbage and Waste Collection Bin
1740   Solar Powered Automatic Irrigation System
1741   Honey Word Generation to Identify Attacker in Purchase Portal
1742   Predicting Breast Cancer using Random Forest and Logistic Regression
1743   Review on Improvised Imbricate Cryptography with Pseudo Random Number Generator using Linear Congruentiality Algorithm
1744   Search Diversified Results of Keyword Query from XML Data
1745   Heat Balance Sheet on Single Cylinder CI Engine using Various Grades of Oils
1746   GSM Based Automatic Pill Dispenser
1747   A Comparative Study of Burnt Clay Bricks with Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks
1748   Solution to Bluetooth Network Expansion using AODV- Ad HOC Routing Protocol
1749   Internet of Things: Recent Applications and Challenges
1750   Healthcare Monitoring System using GSM and GPS
1751   Secure Data Storage over Cloud using Content Features Processing
1752   Hand Gestures Controlled Applications
1753   Design and Analysis of Conformal Cooling Channel in Pressure Die Casting Die
1754   Smart-Authentication: A Secure Web Service for Providing Bus Pass Renewal System
1755   ClubCF Approach for Big Data Application using Hadoop and Comparative Study with Item-Based CF
1756   Performance Evaluation of Hyacinth Bean Peels as Natural Coagulant for Turbidity Removal of Pond and River Waters
1757   3D HCI: Human Computer Interface System using 3D Leap Motion Camera
1758   Internal Combustion Wave Rotors for Gas Turbine Engine Enhancement
1759   Automated Farming Bot
1760   Region Growing Segmentation by Utilizing De-noising Algorithm for Medical Ultra-Sonographic Images
1761   Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machines using Piezoelectric Element
1762   Image Processing using Steganography
1763   Box Office Prediction Using Multiple Linear Regression
1764   Speaking Robot
1765   Motion Activated Wild Life Capturing
1766   Energy Saving Through Smart Home Automation System
1767   Internet of Nano Things-The Next Big Thing
1768   Strength Assessment of Fly Ash Modified Microbial Concrete
1769   Combination of Neural Network and its Applications, Genetic Algorithms
1770   Optimisation of Brilliant Green Dye Removal Efficiency by Electrocoagulation using Artificial Neural Networking and Comparison with Response Surface Methodology
1771   Smart Wheel Chair
1772   Managing the Stress of Transformational Change in Public Sector Enterprises
1773   Comparison and Performance Analysis of Digital Circuits using Modified GDI Technique
1774   Review on Artificial Bee Colony
1775   Survey on Cloud Data Recovery and Security
1776   Automated High Speed Color Mixing and Bottle Filling Process using PLC & SCADA
1777   Effect of Sliding Variable on Robust Position Control of DC Motor
1778   Flexural Behavior of High Strength Coir Fiber Reinforced Concrete Blended with Silica Fume
1779   Assesment of Compressive Strength Fibre Based Concrete
1780   Techniques for Secure Multi-Owner Data Sharing in Cloud
1781   An Experimental Study on Strength Properties of Concrete Modified With Light Weight Styrofoam Aggregate and Some Other Pozzolonic Materials &Nano Sio2
1782   A High Dimensional Color Transform and Learning Based Approach for Dominant Area Detection
1783   Survey Paper on Multi-Factor Authentication using Mobile Phones
1784   Review Paper on Analysis of Sandwich Structure of Singal Girder Overhead Crane for Weight Reduction
1785   Survey Paper on Internet of Things: IoT
1786   Voltage Regulation of Single Phase Supply with the Help of Matrix Converter using FPGA
1787   Personal Health Companion – The Medical Service Finder Application
1788   Design and Failure Analysis of Single Cylinder Petrol Engine Crankshaft using ANSYS Software
1789   Scanning Electron Microscopic Investigation of “Adhesive Apparatus Epidermis” of Garra Gotyla, Glyptothorax Pectinopterus and Pseudeciness Sulcatus
1790   Recognition of Isolated Spoken Words and Numeric using MFCC and DTW
1791   Advanvcement in Technology of Display Board for Product Information by Implementing GUI Label
1792   Improved Snippet Based Query Recommendation System
1793   Color Shuffling Password Based Authentication
1794   Review Paper on Search-Engine Optimization
1795   Hardware Model of Single Phase Dynamic Voltage Restorer
1796   Improvement in Design and Modification of Components in Flashlight with ISO Specifications
1797   Plant Disease Detection using Digital Image Processing and GSM
1798   Sustainable HVAC Systems in Low-Energy Design in Commercial and Residential Buildings
1799   Implementing a System to Detect Jihadist Messages on Twitter using Naïve Bayes Classification
1800   Hydrogen Fueled I.C. Engine
1801   Electrifying Highway
1802   Automatic Water Saving Irrigation System using GSM Modem
1803   Temporary Architecture
1804   A Comparative Analysis of Decision Tree Algorithms for Predicting Students Performance
1805   Method of Solving Extension of Interval in Assignment Problem
1806   Experimental Investigation of Temperature Dependent Impact Property of Friction Stir Welded Al-Alloy
1807   Experimental Investigation and Optimization in Drilling of Hybrid FRP Laminated Composite
1808   Battery Powered Single Occupant Mobility Apparatus
1809   Study of Strength Development of Geopolymer Concrete using M-Sand as Fine Aggregate
1810   Review on Smart Grid and Cyber Security
1811   A Review Paper on Digital Watermarking Techniques
1812   Subjective Answer Evaluation System
1813   Privacy Preserving Multi-Keyword Ranked Search of Medical Data
1814   Seismic Response of RC Frame Structure Due To Effect of Brick Masonry Infilled Wall
1815   τ_1 τ_2-g*s*-Closed Sets in Bitopological Spaces
1816   Review Paper on Design and Fabrication of Cloths Drying Machine
1817   Concrete Reinforced with Coconut Fibres
1818   Review on Heat Transfer Enhancement by Using Twisted Tape with Square Holes
1819   Data Hiding in Image Encryption by using Logistic Mapping Algorithm
1820   Design and Development of a Domestic Solar Dryer
1821   Waste Water Treatment Plant and Comparison Between Chlorinated and UV Treated Water
1822   Real Time Emergency Care Monitoring using Data Stream Processing
1823   Monopole Antenna using Switchable PIN Diode for WLAN Application
1824   Effect of Nano Fluids in the Performance of a Miniature Plate Heat Exchanger with Modulated Surface
1825   Voice Controlled Two-Way Radio using Correlation Comparison for Command Recognition
1826   Solar Heating System with Vapour Absorption System
1827   Incorporating Sunlight in Underground Spaces
1828   Review Paper on Food Ordering and Payment System using GPS and Android
1829   Psychology of Colours in Building Design
1830   Deconstructivism: It’s Paramountcy in Architecture
1831   Characterization of Activated Carbon Prepared from Coconut Shell using Various Reagents for a Low Cost Water-Filter
1832   Network Coding-based Routing in Wireless Sensor Network by using CASER
1833   Survey on Texture Feature Extraction Methods
1834   An Improved Method for Measuring CIBIL Score
1835   Experimental Investigation of Rigid Inclusions and Stone Columns in Minimising the Settlement of Windmills in Black Cotton Soil
1836   Secure Examination System using Biometric and QR Code Technology
1837   Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process in the Case of Purchasing
1838   Big Data Challenges and Techniques
1839   Slum Rehabilitation: In Context with Human Welfare and Urban Sustainability in Indore
1840   Virtual Reality: The Future of Entertainment
1841   Development of Wind Powered Water Pump
1842   Criminal Investigation Tracker with Suspect Prediction
1843   Solar and Wind Resource Assessment
1844   Smart Breaking System with Pneumatic Bumper
1845   Green Space & Computing Techniques: ECO-Friendly ICT Initiative
1846   QR Code Security and Solution
1847   A Review Paper on Credit Card Management System using Java Application
1848   Finite Element Analysis of Windshield for Light Trainer Aircraft
1849   Coin Recognition System using Artificial Neural Network on Static Image Dataset
1850   Experimental Investigation of Lubricating Properties of Engine Oil
1851   Hybrid Data Encryption using Color code and Armstrong number
1852   A Review Paper on Hydrodynamic Cavitation
1853   A Brief Study on the Strength Properties of Modified Concrete
1854   Power Quality Enhancement using Photovoltaic Based Dynamic Voltage Restorer
1855   Performance Analysis of Long Fiber Optic Link using Fiber Bragg Grating for Dispersion Compensation
1856   Batch Process Control System using SCADA
1857   Career Counseling using Data Mining
1858   Exploring Topic Experts in Twitter via Different Relations
1859   Smart Vehicle Security
1860   Prevention of DOS and Routing Attack in OLSR under MANET
1861   Time and Motion Study for Reducing Cycle Time of Planetary Carrier
1862   Modern Wireless 5G Technology:Future of Super Fast Internet
1863   IoT Based Gas Detection System
1864   Flow of an Unsteady Couple Stress Fluid in a Magnetic Field between Parallel Plates Having Porous Medium
1865   Friendbook: A Scalable and Efficient Way to Recommend Friends on Social Networks through Life-Style
1866   An Empirical Study on Issues and Challenges of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with Reference to Indian Companies
1867   An Experimental Study on Strength Properties of Styrofoam Light Weight Aggregate Concrete Modified With Penta Blended Cement (Pozzolanic Materials & Nano Al2o3)
1868   Polygraph-Multichannel Recorder that Displays Physiological Changes during Interrogation using Matlab
1869   An Implementation Paper on Android Controlled Notice Board
1870   Studies on Road Accidents on National Highway No.6
1871   LifeSaver - Android Application for Ambulance Service from Nearest Hospital
1872   Autopooling Android Application
1873   Review: Futuristic Urbanism
1874   Different Techniques for Detection of Phishing Attack
1875   Cloud Computing: Evolution and Challenges
1876   Open CV-Locker Guard: Open CV Pattern Based Smart Bank Security System with Theft & User Identification using Android
1877   Source Data Transmission in Secure Way by using IoT
1878   Video De-Identification
1879   Drip Irrigation by PEPSEE System
1880   Detecting Attacks in MANET using Secure Zone Routing Protocol
1881   Smart Phone App-Controlled Home Automation System
1882   Failure Mode Effect Analysis with Pareto Chart for Various Critical Equipment used in Ceramic Industry
1883   Mechanical Testing on Glass Fibre Reinforced With Jute Fibre Composites
1884   Web Based Fuel Statistic Monitoring for Automobiles
1885   Experimental Study of Diffuser Based Turbine for Increased Power Output
1886   A Study on Compressive Strength of Pervious Concrete by Varying the Size of Aggregate
1887   Treatment of Textile Effluent by using Potential Microbes
1888   Solar Automatic Pesticide Sprayer using Zigbee
1889   Optimal Routing and Velocity Control for Wireless Charging Vehicle in WRSN
1890   Remote Authentication using Biometrics-A different approach based on Chaos algorithm Research Papers
1891   Study of use of Polystyrene as a Partial Replacement for Fine Aggregate in Concrete
1892   Waste Material Management and Skill Analysis
1893   Mechanical Properties using Ridge Gourd, Sisal and Jute Fibers
1894   Design and Implementation of Reconfigurable Antenna
1895   Prediction of Al-Mg Metals using Friction Stir Welding
1896   A Novel Approach is proposed for Image Denoising by using Image Internal Clustering and External Patch Guidance
1897   Speaker Identification using MFC
1898   Determination of Optimum Location of Resistive Superconducting Fault Current Limiter for Wind Farm Fault Current in Smart Grid
1899   Security System using Raspberry Pi With Door Lock Controller
1900   Design Modification of Lock for Rotary Disc in Oil Well Drilling Rigs
1901   Soil Stabilization using Marble Dust and Granite Dust in Clay Soil
1902   Study on Human Face Recognition under Invariant Pose, Illumination and Expression using LBP, LoG and SVM
1903   Secure and Efficient Communication Using ECC Algorithm in Wireless Body Area Network
1904   Super Cluster Head Selection and Energy Efficient Round Robin Load Balancing Technique in Wireless Sensor Networks
1905   Overview on Smart City
1906   Stock Market Prediction on Bigdata Using Machine Learning Algorithm
1907   Single Sign On
1908   Web Application MCQ
1909   On Soft sgb-Continuous Functions in Soft Topological Spaces
1910   Recent Trends in Biodiesel by using Fish Fat Oil Blends with Diesel
1911   Water Management System
1912   Design and Development of 20 Rounds Safety Magazine for 5.56mm Gun (Plastic) - Light Arms
1913   Smart Water Sprinkler System Based on Arduino Microcontroller
1914   Evaluation of Different Maximum Power Point Tracking Techniques in PV System
1915   Stock Market Prediction using Hadoop
1916   Internet of Things for library Management System
1917   Numerical Study of Convective Heat Transfer of Nanofluids: A Review
1918   Online Complaint System for GIET Gunupur
1919   Flexural Behavior of Concrete Beam by Replacing Copper Slag as Fine Aggregate
1920   Packet Dropping Attack and its Detection in Wireless Sensor Network
1921   Performance Analysis of VCR Cycle with R290a and R600a at Different Mass Fraction
1922   Embossing Coins Following Material Separation using PLC and SCADA
1923   Use of Nanotechnology in Solar PV Cell
1924   Educational Management–An Overview
1925   E-Library Management System
1926   Automatic Milling Machine
1927   Experimental Investigation of MIG Welding Parameters and its Mechanical Properties on Dissimialar Steels
1928   Performance Assessment of Optical Communiqué over Single Mode Fiber
1929   Design Modification of Draw Works Transmission System of Oil Well Drilling Rigs
1930   Traffic Control System using PLC
1931   Careerchase – Career Guidance System using CBR and Rule Base
1932   Grid Connected Microinverter
1933   Reuse of Bottles for Wall Construction and Crafting
1934   A Study on Nutritional and Health Status of Post Bariatric Patients
1935   Review on Programming ESP8266 with Over the Air Programming Capability
1936   Review Paper on Design and Development of Solar Air Heater by using Evacuated Tube
1937   Design of Microstrip Antenna for Cognitive Radio Applications
1938   Automatic Trash Removal System in Water Bodies
1939   Medical Data Analysis
1940   Fabrication & Testing of Banana-Hair Reinforced Hybrid Composite
1941   Heartbeat Sensing and Heart Attack Detection using Internet of Things: IoT
1942   Demonetization in India and its Effect on Indian Economy
1943   Systematic Approach of BER Analysis in OFDM using BPSK, QPSK and Signal to Noise Ratio for MIMO-OFDM
1944   A Study on the Effect of Motivation among the Students of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of an Engineering College in Tamil Nadu
1945   Virtual Try-on Experience using MIRAALOOP Interactive Mirror
1946   A Review Paper Decision Tree Algorithms for diagnosis of Angioplasty and Stents for Heart Disease Treatment
1947   Microstrip Patch Antenna Design at 5.2GHz
1948   Experimental Investigations on the Use of Laterite Waste as Partial Replacement for Fine Aggregates in GGBS Blended Concrete
1949   Time Composability of AMBA using AHB and APB Bridge Based on Memory Controller
1950   Automated Exam Cell with Result Analysis
1951   The Effect of Fibre Volume and Dimension on Mechanical Behaviour of PALF Reinforced Epoxy Composites
1952   Challenges and Techniques in Preprocessing for Twitter Data
1953   An Approach to Intrusion Detection System in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
1954   Cloud Storage and its Secure Techniques
1955   Firewall in Network Security
1956   Tool Design of Multipurpose Industrial Safety Goggles with ISO Standard Specifications
1957   Traffic Signal control system in Emergency by Using Solar and Wind Energy
1958   Identity-Based Encryption with Cloud Revocation Authority and its Applications
1959   Optimization of Nylon Extrusion Process Parameters for Optical Fiber Cable Applying Matrix Experiment using Taguchi Method
1960   Energy Efficient Wireless Monitoring System using GSM Module
1961   Design and Manufacturing of Coconut De-Husking, Cutting and Grating Machine
1962   Self Inflation Tire System
1963   Design and Development of Solar Powered Wireless Charging Station for Electric Vehicle
1964   Optimized Multicast Routing Algorithm Based on Tree Structure in MANETs
1965   Review Paper on Ignition Switch Operated Parking Brake System
1966   Automated Energy Saving System for Outdoor Automation
1967   Human Detecting Aqua Robot using PIR Sensors
1968   Detection and Analysis of lung cancer Via K-means and C-means
1969   Solar Powered Auto Intensity Control of Street Light with SMS Feedback System
1970   Modeling of Hybrid Solar (PV) and Wind System
1971   An Analysis of Worlds Renowned Celebrities Death using Data Mining Classifier
1972   Analysis of Net Interest Income at Bank
1973   Prevent user Data in Social Network using Access Control Strategy
1974   Cyclo-Stationary Signature Based Distributed Decision Reporting Scheme Using Centralized Fusion Center for Cognitive Radio Network
1975   Investigation of Automated Surveillancing System using IoT
1976   Predicting user Service Evaluation from Mobile user in Geological Location
1977   Evaluation of Fracture Toughness of Welded High Strength Low Alloy Line-Pipe Steel
1978   Cloud Computing and its Research Challenges
1979   Lung Cancer Detection Using Image Processing Techniques: Review
1980   Design of Reconfigurable Floating Point Arithmetic and Logic Unit
1981   Design and Fabrication of Storage and Retrieval System
1982   Design and Analysis of Inbuilt Motorized Screw Actuator for Two Wheeler
1983   Automatic Car Parking System using IR Sensors
1984   Reducing Delay and Secure Transmission in VANET using CBDS Technique
1985   Single Phase Seven Level Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter
1986   Implementation of Hawker’s Registration using Cloud Computing
1987   Selection of Power Rating of an Electric Motor for Electric Vehicles
1988   Planning, Design and Estimation of a Check Dam
1989   Underground Cable Fault Detection using Arduino
1990   Review Paper on Design and Development of Multifunctional Trademill Bicycle
1991   Design and CFD Analysis of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
1992   Single Axis Solar Tracker using Microcontroller
1993   Analysis of Tri-Star Frame in Stair Climbing Hand Truck
1994   E-learning (Web + Mobile) Using MEAN Stack
1995   Haptics Based Application for People with Visual Impairments
1996   Mitigating Relation Completion Problem in Database Application
1997   An Experimental Investigation of Fly Ash Bricks using Quarry Dust and Granite Dust
1998   Android Profile Switching
1999   Predictive Analytics in Engineering Institute using Python
2000   Vehicle Tag Information Update on Roads using RFID
2001   Data Partitioning for Minimizing Transferred using MapReduce
2002   Experimental Study on Concrete confined Steel Tubular Column Strengthened with GFRP Sheet
2003   Energy Consumption in Communication Towers using Green Radio Technology
2004   An Experimental Study on the Strength Properties of Silica Fume Aggregate Concrete Modified With Pozzolanic Materials & Nano Al2o3
2005   Design of UWB Antennas for Army Personnel Fitness Monitoring
2006   Image Encryption and Decryption using Chess Cipher
2007   Multi Bank Family Card: Integration of Multi Bank Multi User in Single Card with User Behavior Monitoring Using HMM & Formula Verification
2008   Petrographic Characteristics of Aggregates and Their Effect on the Properties of Concrete
2009   Embedded Web server for Industrial Applications using Raspberry-Pi
2010   Designing of Smart Home using Android Mobile
2011   Device for Monitoring Kinesiotherapy in Rheumatic Patients
2012   Floods and Mitigation Techniques with reference to Kashmir
2013   Experimental Study on Thermal Conductivity of Cavity Wall Filled with Coconut Coir
2014   Image Steganography Based on AES Algorithm with Huffman Coding for Compressionon Grey Images
2015   Fault Detection and Diagnosis: A Review
2016   Review on Environmental Statistics Monitoring System
2017   Decentralized Access Control with Anonymous Authentication of Data Stored in Clouds
2018   Integration of Big Data Technologies for Human Centric Wellness Data with Fingerprint Sensor
2019   Multi-level Security using QR Code, Biometrics and Password for Security Systems
2020   Simulation and Analysis of Different Cascade H Bridge Multilevel Inverter using Matlab
2021   Implementation of Discrete Fourier Transform Core using NEDA
2022   Study of Building Structures & Construction Techniques in Hilly Regions Hotel Dalhousie
2023   Efficient High Throughput Low Area AES
2024   Secure Transmission in MIMO Wiretap Channels using General-Order Transmit Antenna Selection with Outdated CSI
2025   PLC Based Automatic Tablet Filling and Capping System using SCADA
2026   Study Experiment on Natural Fibre Reinforced Self Compacting Concrete
2027   An Electronic Stick Guidance for Visually Impaired People Navigation using Audio System
2028   SHG-Bank Linkage Programme: An Indian Perspective
2029   Solar Grass Cutter Robot with Obstacle Avoidance
2030   Blood Donation Application
2031   Real Time Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking System Based on Embedded System and Android Application
2032   Performance Improvement of Reheating Furnace with Waste Heat: A Review
2033   Hybrid Z-Shaped Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antenna
2034   Automatic Quality Information Management System of Dairy Business
2035   Effect of Organic Acids from MSW on Geo-Material Stabilized Liner
2036   Restructuring Teacher Education: Issues and Challenges
2037   Automatic Toll Plaza using RFID
2038   Sherlock: Women Safety Application
2039   Palliation of Byzantine Attack in MANET using CBDPS Scheme
2040   Universatile Learning Engine Inspired by IID-Collaboartive Filtering and Adaptive Learning
2041   Non-Performing Assets (NPAS) in Indian Commercial Banks
2042   Patient Treatment Time Prediction for out Patient Department OPD
2043   Implementation of Solar Fridge and Fast Chilling using Peltier Effect with Temperature Monitoring
2044   Satellite Image Resolution and Brightness Enhancement using MATLAB
2045   Head Gesture Based Wheelchair Control and Cardiac Monitoring System
2046   Speed Control of Single-Phase Induction Motor using V/f Method
2047   A Smart Healthcare Surveillance and Fall Detection System for Elderly People
2048   Experimental Study on Steel Tubular Composite Column Confined with Reactive Powder Concrete
2049   GSM Based Health Monitoring of Transformer
2050   Investigation on Characteristics of Zirconium for MOSFET Pressure Sensors
2051   Enhanced Accident Prevention System in India
2052   Report on college E.R.P System
2053   On Upperbound Tree-Width on a K-outer Planar Graph
2054   Comparison of Feature Selection Techniques for Spam Email Classification
2055   WIPS Wireless Security in Enterprise Network
2056   Determine the Structural and Gradient Similarity using Super Resolution Algorithm
2057   Design and Simulation of Multi-Band Planar Inverted-F Antenna for Wireless Applications
2058   Winfo: Implementation of Cloud Assisted Automation
2059   ERP through Cloud: Making a Difficult Alternative Easier
2060   RFID Technology Based Attendance Management System
2061   Comparative Approach for Image De-Noising using ANN Based Detector and Bilateral Filter
2062   Design of Automatic Accident Intimation Device from Black Spot through SMS GSM, ZIGBEE
2063   An Experimental Study of Coal Cinder Added Fly Ash Bricks
2064   Smart Shoes for Blind People
2065   Detection of Drowsiness
2066   A Face Recognition and Spoofing Detection Adapted to Visually-Impaired People
2067   A Secured and Target Based Heuristic Techniques on Relational Data to Prevent Unauthorised Access
2068   Design and Development of Belt and Pulley Clutch System
2069   A Comparative Analysis of PID Controller in Closed Loop System and Open Loop System
2070   Rapid and Extensible Range QP Privacy Protection for Cloud Computing
2071   Review Report on 4 Stroke Engine Working on Water
2072   Machine Slide Control with Servo Motor Instead of Conventional Hydraulic System
2073   Monitoring and Controlling of an Auditorium
2074   A Comparative Study of Load Balancing Algorithms in Cloud Computing Environment using Cloud Analyst
2075   Effective Identification of Black money, Fake currency & Expiry
2076   Exam Cell Automation System
2077   Smart Kitchen Information System
2078   Analysing Financial Viability of Selected Green Field Projects in Western India, With Special Reference to Vidarbha
2079   Advance Cam Operated Hammer
2080   IoT Based Ration Card System Using Bluetooth Technology
2081   Design & Fabrication of Groundnut Sheller Machine
2082   Cloud Based Ubiquitous Computing for Smart Classroom using Smart Phone
2083   Distance Measurement using Ultrasonic Sensor and Arduino
2084   Waste Plastic Pet Bottles as a Construction Material
2085   Live Twitter Knowledge as a Corpus for Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining
2086   Analysing the Performance Measures of Various Filters using Ultrasound Images
2087   Handheld Fingerprint Attendance System
2088   IoT Based Solution to Reduce Queue in the Banking Sector
2089   Text Data Hiding Within the Image by Using LSB Technique
2090   Intelligent Transport Software for Port
2091   Automatic Health Monitoring System using GSM
2092   Camouflaging Base Station in Wireless Sensor Network Using Cluster Based MORF Approach
2093   Rotating Camera Based on Speaker Voice
2094   Powerline Fault & Electricity Theft Detection
2095   Superensembling of Artificial Neural Network Models for Investigating The Effect of Polar Sea Ice on Sea Surface Temperature in Indian Ocean Region
2096   Smart Home Automation Based on IOT and Android Technology
2097   Audio Transmission in Visible Light Communication: An Eco-Friendly and Faster Way of Communication
2098   Designing a Motor using Rodin Coil
2099   A Secured Shared Access in Cloud Computing using Identity Group Key Based Encryption
2100   Interplatform Health Data Specifications and Exchange on Cloud Environment using Secure Clinical Document
2101   Workload Dissemination and Secure Data Aggregation Using Authentication and Redundant Computing in MANET
2102   A High Speed Low Power Content Addressable Memory Design with A Parity Bit and Power Gated Ml Sensing using Match Line
2103   Simulation of ABWS and MDS MPPT for a PV System under Rapidly Changing Environmental Conditions
2104   Objective Quality Assessment of Contrast-Distorted Images Based on Natural Scene Statistics
2105   Comparative Study and Optimization of Surface Roughness using Different Cutting Parameters in Turning
2106   Survey on Thermoelectricity as a Method of Waste Heat Recovery
2107   Artificial Neural Network-Based Classification System for Lung Nodules on Computed Tomography Scans
2108   Electronic Voting Machine using Biometric Finger Print with Aadhar Card Authentication
2109   Real Time Agriculture/Paddy Crop Field Monitoring System using ARM
2110   Detection and Analysis of Stress using Various Physiological Signals during Driving Style
2111   Design of High Performance Full Subtractor using FinFET
2112   Online File-Hosting Service
2113   Assesment of Ground Water Quality Parameters in Gulbarga District
2114   Efficient Clinical Decision Support System
2115   Infant Security System using Biometric Authentication, RFID And Wireless Fidelity
2116   Pharmacy Management System based on Spring and Hibernate
2117   Haze Removal and Face Recognition using Neural Networks
2118   Fraud Resilient Device for Off-Line Micro Payments
2119   Android Phone Speech Recognition Sensed Notice Board Display
2120   Wireless Black Box using MEMS Accelerometer and GPS Tracking for Accidental Monitoring of Vehicles
2121   Detection of Primary User Emulation (PUE) Attack in Cognitive Radio Network
2122   BLDC Drive with Fault Tolerant Converter Topology
2123   IoT Based Remote Controlled Robot using Android
2124   Review Paper on Solar Powered Vision Based Lawm Mower and Pesticide Sprayer Robot
2125   The Role of Secure Replay OLSR for Mitigating Various Attacks in MANET
2126   Voice Controlled Home Automation using Linkit Smart 7688 Duo
2127   Various Distance Metric Methods for Query Based Image Retrieval
2128   GSM And PLC Based Automatic Protection System for Agricultural Field
2129   Energy Saving Strategy in Cognitive Radio Networks
2130   Review Paper on Semi Automatic Chip Machine
2131   Utilization of Plastic Waste in Construction of Roads
2132   Border Alert and Weather Condition Communication System Using Raspberry Pi
2133   RFID and Finger Print Based user Recognition System for Secured Voting in Avoidance of Recasting & Proxy Casting
2134   Follower Robotic Cart Using Ultrasonic Sensor
2135   Location Based Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data and Decision Making
2136   Implementation of Secure Hash Algorithm-256
2137   Automatic Parallelization Tools: A Review
2138   Android Based Communication System Using Wi-Fi
2139   Compressed Stabilised Earth Blocks
2140   Protection of home using Wireless Bluetooth Technology
2141   An Experimental Study on Polyurethanes for Eco-Friendly and Light Weight Constructions
2142   IoT Based Healthcare Monitoring for Driver’s Community
2143   Internet Heavy usage and its Influence on Academic Achievement of University Students
2144   Smuggling Control in Forest
2145   Effective Utilization of Wind and Solar Energy by Hybrid Power Generating System
2146   WiFi Based Led Display
2147   Development of Compact Dual-Band Antenna for 802.16e and 802.11a
2148   Trading Volume: An Efficient Way to Identify the Trade Transactions
2149   Image Processing Technique Based Color Image Object Tracker
2150   Biometric Scanning Based on Vehicle Ignition System
2151   Co-extracting Opinion Targets and Opinion Words from Reviews
2152   Treatment of Woven Fabric Dyeing Wastewater and Reuse by Reverse Osmosis Process
2153   A Survey of Data Mining Techniques for Analyzing Crime Patterns
2154   A Survey on Cascade Dual Buck Inverter with Phase-Shift Control
2155   Nanotechnology in Blockage Removal: A Review
2156   Wearable Artificial Brain: A Review
2157   Efficient Extraction of User Specific Sequential Data Patterns on Streaming Documents using Single-Sign on
2158   Using the Spanning Tree of a Criminal Network for Identifying Its Leaders
2159   Comprehensive Study of Video Stegnography Algorithms
2160   Impact of GUT Microbiota on the Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: NGS Meta-Data Analysis
2161   Detection of Node Activity, Selfish & Malicious Behavioral Patterns using Exwatchdog Algorithm
2162   Public Transport System
2163   Realization of Concurrent Modified BIST Architecture using CAM
2164   Improving Availability and Guarantees Data Security in Cloud Infrastructure
2165   Mining Opinion Targets and Opinion Words from Reviews Based on the Word Alignment Model
2166   Behaviour of Poly Vinyl Alcohol Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams with Circular Openings Strengthened By Steel Plates
2167   Data Transmission through Visible Light
2168   Structured File Management Plugin for Word, Excel and PowerPoint
2169   Performance Analysis of Low Power High Speed Hybrid Full Adder
2170   Accident Detection System using Black Box System
2171   Predicting Instructor Performance in Educational Institution using Data Mining Techniques
2172   Soldier Health and Position Tracking System
2173   Construction and Standardization of Three Tier Concept Achievement Test CAT in Science
2174   BCI System for Differently Abled Persons
2175   Design of Economizer to Improve the Efficiency of Boiler in TCC Plant
2176   Class Imbalance Problem using Oversampling Technique
2177   Design & Fabrication of Semi-Automatic Stair Climbing Trolley
2178   Design & Development of Tractor Trolley Hook Bending Machine
2179   Wireless Power Transfer Based for Electric Vehicle Application
2180   Simulation of C language
2181   A Viable IP Traceback VIA Dynamic Deterministic Packet Marking
2182   Minimization of Gray Hole Attack in AD-HOC Network
2183   Automatic Ambulance Rescue Sytem using ZigBee Protocol
2184   Experimental Study on Behaviour of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete
2185   Reliability Modeling and Analysis of Service-Oriented Architectures
2186   Dermoscopy Image Classification using Different Color Constancy Algorithms
2187   Experimental Investigation of Replaced Optimum Level of Coarse & Fine Aggregate by Iron Slag
2188   Automation of Irrigation System using Android Technology
2189   An Experimental Behaviour of Composite Circular Columns with Partial Replacement of RAC
2190   Experimental Investigation on 4- Stroke Single Cylinder Di Diesel Engine with Slope Hemispherical Shaped Grooves on Piston Crown
2191   Real Time Biometric Based Vehicle Security System with GPS and GSM Technology
2192   Text and Product Label Reading For Blind Persons
2193   Role of Potentiometer for Comparing EMF of Two Cells
2194   Biometric Images for Personal Identification using Sift Method
2195   FPGA-Based Cooling Fan Control System for Automobile Engine using Sensorless BLDC Motor
2196   Experimental Investigation on Flexural Behaviour of Synthetic Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beam
2197   Predict the Membrane Proteins at Various Subcellular Locations
2198   Construction of K-Connected Dominating Set Algorithm for Connecting the Wireless Nodes
2199   Tweet Segmentation and Spam Prevention
2200   3D Capacitive Touch
2201   Mental Image Simulator A Review
2202   Coin Based Mobile Charger using Solar System
2203   Design and Analysis of Smart Whistle for Pressure Cooker
2204   Zigbee Based Automatic Electric Bill Meter & Tampering Detection
2205   Health Prediction using Wearable Device: A Review
2206   Malfuctioning of Brain A Review
2207   Finding Utility Pattern for Building Effective Ration Shop
2208   Water Pumping System using Windmill
2209   Flexural Behaviour of Polyproplene Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams
2210   Android Application for Issuing Bus Pass
2211   Comparative Analysis of Digital Gift Card and Physical Gift Card
2212   Flexural Behaviour of Basalt Chopped Strands Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams
2213   Voice Controlled Power Devices using Android Smartphone
2214   Video Piracy Detection Based on Audio Steganography, AES and DNA Cryptography
2215   A Review on Literature and Practice for Online Medical Consultation
2216   Intensify the security of One Time Password using Elliptic Curve Cryptography with Fingerprint for E-commerce Application
2217   Modelling Online Database Management of Medical Consultation
2218   Single-Phase Dual Stator Windings Synchronous Generator
2219   Intelligent Rationing System using RFID &GSM
2220   Speed and Direction Control of DC Motor using Android Mobile Application
2221   Assigning a Task Based on Multiskill Spatial Crowdsourcing
2222   Implementation of Digital Stopwatch with 7-Segment Display
2223   Implementation of Aadhar Card Based EVM Machine with GSM Module
2224   Employee Life Cycle in Healthcare Industry With Reference to Delhi & NCR: An Exploratory Study
2225   Safety Helmet for Mine Workers using RF Technology
2226   Stock Market Prediction Using Data Mining Techniques with R
2227   Significant Changes on Land use Land Cover by using Remote Sensing and GIS Analysis- Review
2228   Online Resource Scheduling using Ant colony algorithm for Cloud Computing
2229   Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Geopolymer Concrete under Day-Light Curing
2230   Zigbee Based Electronic Notice Board
2231   Design and Development of Solar Based Thermoelectric Refrigerator
2232   High‐Temperature Hardness and Wear Resistance of Cobalt‐Based Tribaloy Alloys
2233   An Efficient Peer To Peer Content-Based File Sharing In Mobile Ad- Hoc Networks
2234   Realization of Test Paper Score Cumulating System Based on Digital Image Processing
2235   Designing a MMI for Visualizing and Training Brain Signals
2236   Online Review Based Doctor Appointment System
2237   CFD and Taguchi Analysis on Tree Fin for Natural Convection
2238   Implementation of Virtualization Model for Data Centers
2239   Performance of DSTATCOM using SRF Theory and Proportional Integral Resonant Controller
2240   RFID Based Blind Stick with Voice Feedback, Obstacle Detection and Braille Technique
2241   Improved Keyword Extraction using Semantics for Question Retrieval in Healthcare
2242   Modular Conversational Bot
2243   Dynamic Proofs of Retrievability of Cloud Storage Systems
2244   Object Detection on Raspberry Pi
2245   Traffic Light Control using Image Processing
2246   Distributed Routing for Interference Minimization in Cognitive Radio Networks
2247   Differential Privacy for preserving user Privacy on Selective Aggregation
2248   Effect of Copper on the Haematological Profile of Cyprinus Carpio Var.Communis Linn. of Mansbal Lake of Kashmir Valley
2249   Implementation of Mapper Reducer for Intelligent Tourism System
2250   Developing Power by Shape Memory Alloy SMA Heat Engine
2251   Design and Fabrication of Mulching CUM Automatic Paper Rolling and Tree Planting Machine
2252   Heart Disease Detection using Wireless Sensors
2253   Plant Leaf Disease Detection using Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Network
2254   Survey Paper on Privacy Preserving Access Control Mechanism for Microdata
2255   Artificial Oxygen Generator A Review
2256   Heterogeneous Wireless Mesh Networks using Routing Protocol
2257   An Improved Colour Texture Based Face Spoofing Detection
2258   Theory of Parallel Timelines: A Review
2259   Design and Development of Wireless Floor Cleaning Robot
2260   Efficient Resource Allocation through Dynamic Request using Peer to Peer Checkpointing
2261   Analysis on Symmetric Algorithms
2262   Humanoid with Artificial Eye: A Review
2263   Artificial Eye a Review
2264   Servo voltage stabilizer with Isolation Transformer
2265   Navigation using iBeacon
2266   Energy Efficient Cluster Based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
2267   Learning Programming Language with Game-Like Elements Integrated on a Web-Based Platform and Assessment using Formative Feedback
2268   Opinion Mining of Customer Reviews
2269   VANET for Emergency Services and Accident Detection
2270   E-Teaching and E-Learning Services for Smart Education Based on Cloud Computing
2271   Enhanced Tracking Aerial Image by Applying Image Registration & Gabber Wavelet Technique
2272   Design of New Drive System using Shape Memory Alloy
2273   Multimodal Biometrics Features with Fusion Level Encryption
2274   A Review on Data Merging Techniques & Multi-Document Summarization
2275   Survey on Clustering Algorithms for Image Segmentation
2276   Information Flowtrack System for Presentation of Data using Mobile Cloud Framework
2277   Clustering Based Task Deployment using Bayes Hypothesis in Cloud Computing
2278   An Artificial Intelligent Algorithm for Electricity Theft Detection in AMI
2279   Agriculture Field Monitoring using Wireless Sensor Networks to Improving Crop Production
2280   A Review on Mechanism and Various Applications of Human Powered Flywheel Motor
2281   A Novel Approach to Driving Licence Test using Wireless Sensor Network
2282   Data Security & Encryption of the Cloud
2283   Malware Detection in Virtual Machine using One Class Support Vector Machine
2284   Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity of Quinazolinones Derivative and its Metal Complexes
2285   Optic Nerve Head Segmentation for Early Diagnosis of Glaucoma Based on Active Contour Model
2286   A Neural Network Based Approach for Semantic Clustering of Short Texts
2287   Online Buspass Generation System using Web Application
2288   Analysis on Diaphragm for the Identification of Asthma Pattern using Active Contour Technique
2289   Electronic Logbook for Monitoring Computer Lab usage – elogbook
2290   Personal Monitoring and Safe Recoup of Mines with Intrusion Detection
2291   Cloud Security with Anonymous Authentication of Data Stored in Cloud
2292   Student Helpdesk System
2293   Annotating Emotional Expressions using Sentimental Analysis
2294   Detection and Removal of Algebraic Fault Attacks On Lightweight Block Cipher
2295   A Novel Mechanism for Building an Emphatic System for Information Exchange using CDA
2296   Mapping of Signals into Word for user Authentication in MMI
2297   Semantic Web Service Composition- A Basic Survey
2298   Proffering Cloud Storage Secured using Scrambled Technique
2299   A Personalized Framework for HealthCare Recommendation
2300   A Secure Model for Detecting Provenance Forgery and Packet Drop Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks
2301   Artificial Neural Network-Based Classification System for Lung Nodules on Computed Tomography Scans
2302   Design and Development of Intelligent and Automatic Vehicle Collision Prevention System A Review
2303   EasyGo Transit System
2304   Classification of CT Lung Images Using Fisher Criterion and Genetic Optimization
2305   Hybrid Feature Matching for Image Forgery Detection
2306   Efficient Identification for Invalid Signatures using Wireless Mobile Networks
2307   Liver Segmentation using Non Linear Diffusion Process and Region Growing Algorithm
2308   ID Pairing Based on RSA Cryptosystem for Secure Message Authentication in VANET
2309   A Review on Image Based Graphical User Authentication
2310   A Novel Approach to Student Information Broadcasting Via GSM Network
2311   Parallel and Multiple Data Distributed Process using Concurrent Progressive Duplicate Detection
2312   Design and Development of Earth Tube Heat Exchanger for Room Conditioning
2313   An Efficient Content Delivery Scheme Using a Decentralized Content Caching
2314   Rough Set on Clustering
2315   Automatic Fault Detection and Fault Solving using Travelling Wave
2316   Performance Analysis of Mining High Utility Itemsets in Transactional Database
2317   Improving Quality of Service (QoS) With Profit Maximization in Cloud Computing
2318   Modeling and Analysis of Light Vehicle Chassis Made of Composite Material
2319   Validatable Expiring Currency System
2320   Face Recognition and QR Code Authentication to Generate Result at an Instance of Time
2321   The Impact of Automation in IT Industry: Evidences from India
2322   Use of Data Mining Technique of Big Data In Unstructured Data
2323   FOG COMPUTING-Shifting from Cloud to Fog
2324   Collision Detection of Vehicle and Coverage of using GPS and GSM Technology
2325   GSLAM - Generic Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping Robot
2326   Virtual Wardrobe: An IoT based Closet
2327   Improve the Efficiency of MANET against Blackhole Attack Using AODV Protocol
2328   Diagnosing and Protecting the System from Passive and Active attackers by Monitoring Users Behaviour for Internet of Things
2329   Applications of Nano α Open Sets
2330   A Novelty for Allocation of Energy Minimization in Cloud Computing Environment using Multiagent Resource Allocation without Virtual Systems
2331   Fly ASH A Boon for Concrete
2332   A Review on Algorithms for Segmentation of Choroidal Boundary in Enhanced Depth Imaging OCTS
2333   Sign Speak Sign Language to Verbal Language
2334   A Novel Approach for Securing Data using Multiple Keys in Cloud
2335   Video Transcoding using Peer to Peer Communication over Hybrid Cellular and Ad-hoc Network
2336   Real Time Gesture Recognition for Easy Load Transport
2337   A Novel Approach for the Construction of Feature Collection and Correlation Engine for Low Latency Big Data Analytics in Highly Scalable Distributed Environment
2338   A Roadmap for Data for Personalized Healthcare in Big Data
2339   Light Dimmer with the Implementation of Data Abstraction While Crashing
2340   Bus Depot-Warehouse Maintenance and Duty Allocation
2341   A Review on Solar Powered Air Compression Refrigeration System for Rural Application
2342   Integrative Detection of Open Drainage, Garbage & Drainage over Flow and Current Leakage using Zigbee Technology
2343   IVR Communication System
2344   Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate with GGBS
2345   “E-€katrit”- An Android App as a Common Platform for Multiple Types of Donation
2346   Secure Data Storage over Cloud
2347   Free Vibration analysis of FRP Base Composite Sandwich Beam using FEA: A Review
2348   Medical Prediction using Artificial Intelligence
2349   Dead Ringer Avoidance on Encoded Big Data in Cloud
2350   Machine Learning Algorithms:Trends, Perspectives and Prospects
2351   Recognition of Lung Nodule using Image Processing Procedure
2352   A 6-BIT, 2.5V TIQ BASED Flash ADC using MUX Encoder
2353   E-Invoicing Inventory System
2354   Home Automation using Speech Recognition in Android framework
2355   Cloud and Big Data: A Compelling Combination
2356   Fabrication of Manual Plastic Injection Moulding Machine
2357   Implementation of High Speed and Low Power Novel Radix 2 Booth Multiplier using 2248 BEC Converter
2358   Agent Based Cloud Computing
2359   Quantitative Data Analysis and Representation
2360   Implementation of Pattern Matching Algorithm to Defend SQL Injection Attack
2361   Energy Efficient Management for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
2362   Downlink Performance Analysis of Signal using MIMO Technology
2363   Comparison of Design Result of Multi-Story Structure in Various Earthquake Zone using ETABS and STAAD PRO
2364   Estimation of Different Beam Forming Technique using Intelligent Antenna System
2365   Invasive Cervical Resorption: A Case Report and Review of Literature
2366   A Methodical Approach to Implement Intrusion Detection System in Hybrid Network
2367   Molecular Characterization, Genetic Diversity and Relationships of Silkworm Varieties using RAPD Molecular Marker
2368   Deep Survey on Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining on Social Networking Sites and E-Commerce Website
2369   Enhanced Selective Encryption for Encryption of Plain Text using Multiple Indexing
2370   Brain Tumor Detection using Segmentation based on Fuzzy Transform
2371   Computer Aided Design of Glaucoma Detection
2372   Automatic Blood Group Classification based on SVM
2373   TRIPULATOR–The Trip Expense Tracker
2374   Android Based Hotel Automation for Restaurant
2375   Accident Informer and Prevention System
2376   Speed Control of DC Motor Using Mobile Phone
2377   A Review on Osteoporosis Detection by using CT Images Based on Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix and Rule based Approach
2378   Multipower Generation
2379   Soil Test Based Fertilizer Recommendation
2380   Performance of Stator Resistance Compensator in Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor Drive
2381   City Livelihood Center
2382   Soil Moisture Distribution Status and Wetting Pattern under SDI
2383   VLSI Design of Reconfigurable Filter for Multi-Standard SDR Application
2384   Emotion Determination Based on Opinion Mining
2385   Performance and Emission Test on I.C. Engine using Bio-Diesel Extracted from Neem Oil
2386   Evaluation of Canny and Sobel Edge Detection Technique using Xilinx System Generator
2387   Mathematical Modeling of Square Coil System for Large Volume Application
2388   High Performance Algorithm for Enhancement of Echocardiography Images using Adaptive Histogram Equalization
2389   Enhance Fair Routing with Resources Flexible Node Allocation for WSN
2390   Chat Application Based on Peer to Peer Network
2391   Girl’s Safety
2392   A Review on Countering SQL Injection Attack using Pattern Matching
2393   A Review on Muilt-Keyword Ranked Search in Information Network
2394   Quantum Dots for Diagnosis of Cancers
2395   A Programmable Logic Controller Based Power Factor Controller for a Single Phase Induction Motor
2396   On the Quintic Non-Homogeneous Diophantine Equation x^4 - y^4 = 40(z^2 - w^2)p^3
2397   Induction Motor Fault Detection Feed by Frequency Convertor using Signal Signature Analysis
2398   Retrieval of Secure Data for Decentralized Disruption and Tolerant Network
2399   Fortifying of Concret by Fibre Reinforcement
2400   Mobile Security Application
2401   Transformation: Urban Village Case: Nithari Village, Noida
2402   Automated Greenhouse Monitoring System
2403   Detecting Phishing Websites on Real-Time Using Anti-Phishing Framework
2404   Efficient Mining and Discovery of Users Interesting Patterns Using Path Traversal Graph
2405   Survey on Multi-Document Summarizer Using Data Merging Technique
2406   A Survey on Guaranteed Quality Service in Cloud Computing
2407   A Review on Digital Energy Management Systems
2408   Analysis of Different Image De-Noising Techniques: An Assessment
2409   A Fault Diagnostic Method for Monitoring Induction Motor
2410   Big Data Solution for Improving Traffic Management System with Video Processing
2411   A Review on Heat Transfer Enhancement using Nanofluid for Cooling of Electronic Components
2412   Improve Virtual Shopping Experience using Augmented Reality and Gesturing
2413   Quality Statues on Vertical Changeability of Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Bottom Sediments at Lake Abaya Southern Ethiopia
2414   Vehicle Tracking System using GPS and Vehicle Number
2415   Privacy Preservation by Tag Generalization and Tag Suppression
2416   Corporate Summarized Data using Android Application
2417   Nano α power m Continuous Maps in Nano Topological Spaces
2418   COP Improvement of Domestic Refrigerator - A Review
2419   Image Sentiment Analysis
2420   Lateral Stability of Tall Building Using Peripheral Bracing Systems
2421   Reactor: A Vital Part of Electrical System
2422   Robotics in Indian Industry- Future Trends
2423   Static Stabilizer
2424   Utilization of Solar Energy with Linear Load
2425   A Study on Differential Equations and Riccati Differential Equations with Piece-Wise Constant by Vim and its Applications
2426   TCP & UDP Based Performance and Efficiency over Campus Network Optical Fibre Backbone: The Case Study of H.P.U, Shimla, India
2427   A Review on Different Control Algorithms of DSTATCOM
2428   Effect of Thiazide and Loop Diuretics on Serum Magnesium and other Electrolytes in Cardiac Patients
2429   Design and Simulation of Speed Control of DC Motor using Chopper
2430   Network Security: Challenges and Countermeasures – A Review
2431   Nano α power m Closed Sets in Nano Topological Spaces
2432   A Review on Innovative Compressed Air Powered System
2433   A Comparative Analysis of Buccopharyngeal Region of an Omnivorous Fish Puntius Conchonius and a Carnivorous Predatory Fish Glossogobius Giuris in Relation to their Food and Feeding Habits
2434   Web Based Monitoring System for Industrial Safety Measures
2435   Geographical Location Based Advertisement System for Public Transit System
2436   Emerging Trends in Integrating Eco-Friendly Energy Resources for Green Energy in Micro Grid
2437   Power Factor Improvement by using APFC Panel
2438   Resume Parser with Natural Language Processing
2439   A Histological Study on the Nephrons in Tor tor of Narmada River near Hoshangabad Bhopal M.P India
2440   Discovery of Ranking Fraud for Mobile Applications
2441   ROI Detection in Digital Mammograms for Detection of Breast Cancer
2442   Improving Security in Group Based Data Sharing Using Multicast Key Agreement
2443   A System for Easy and Fast Procurement of Blood
2444   Evaluation of Efficiency and Various parameters using Natural Gas Microturbine in Cogeneration Spinning Mill A Case Study
2445   Sentiment Analysis of Seller Reviews
2446   Analysis of Mechanical Properties of Bamboo using Different Adhesives
2447   Combinational Study on Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence from Young Age to Old
2448   Salt Water Fuel Cell System: A Review
2449   Design and Analysis of Solid Disc Type Flywheel
2450   Design Software Algorithm k-means for Datamining of Epidemical Diseases: Case Study of Omdurman Teaching Hospital
2451   Performance Evaluation of Cognitive Radio System using Self Organizing Maps
2452   Product Analysis Based on user Reviews
2453   Design of Screw Conveyor as Heat Exchanger Using Water Jacket
2454   Optimization by Grey Relational Analysis (GRA) To Determine the Reverse Osmosis Parameter for Distillery Effluent in ZLD Process
2455   Prognosis using Data Analytics: The Proposed System
2456   A Study on Privacy-Preserving Mining of Association Rules from Transaction Databases
2457   Performance Test on a CI Engine Using Different Proportionate Blends of Eucalyptus Oil and Diesel Using Di-Methyl Carbonate Additive
2458   Study of Classical Ragas Desh and Todi Structure and Impact on Brain Waves
2459   IoT for Vehicle Simulation System
2460   The Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine by Using Bio-Diesel
2461   Performance of Diesel Engine Using Nerium Oil as Alternative Fuel
2462   To Design a System which can Detect the Sentiment of the User by his Behavior with Android Devices
2463   Internet of Things: Beyond our Imagination
2464   System for Effective Communication with Deaf and Mute People
2465   Design and Development of Daughter Board for Raspberry Pi to support Wi-Fi Communication
2466   An Advanced Controller for Harmonic Mitigation in Eight Switch Conditioner
2467   Multi- Sensor Fuzzy Logic Based Train Collision Avoidance System
2468   Fuzzy Based System for Power Consumption Prediction
2469   An Experimental Study on Strength Behavior of Steel Fiber, Glass Fiber with Fly Ash and Rice Husk Ash
2470   Quectel M95 GSM Modem Testing Software with Device Control
2471   Design and Fabrication of Groundnut Sheller Machine
2472   Low Cost Experimental set up for Real Time Temperature, Humidity Monitoring through WSN
2473   Prediction and Optimization of Multi Objective Parameters in CNC Turning Operation on H-13 Material by using RSM
2474   DTMF based Home Automation System
2475   An Experimental Study on Effect of Rice Husk Ash and Glass Fibre on Properties of Cement with Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate by Quarry Dust
2476   Seismic Performance of Building Frame using Base Isolation and Tuned Mass Dampers
2477   I’ve Got Rhythm
2478   A Review on Identity Based Encryption in Cloud Computing
2479   A Study on the Perception of Investment Pattern among Urban Working Women with Reference to Coimbatore City
2480   Design and Implementation of Web Surveillance Robot for Video Monitoring and Motion Detection
2481   Face and Person Recognition from Unconstrained Video
2482   SCID: Secured Code Image Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks
2483   Effective Method for Enhancement and Analysis of Doppler Echocardiography Images for Medical Diagnostic
2484   Robotic Supporting Leg for Handicapped People
2485   Interactive Voice Response System for Single Phase Motor Protection, Control & Alert Using GSM Mobile with Android Application
2486   A Study on HRM Practices of Employees on Printing Industry in Sivakasi
2487   Online Buying Behaviour of Shoppers in Sivakasi
2488   Processing and Characterization of Green Composites using Sisal and Palm Fibers
2489   Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beam using Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
2490   Comparision of Flexible Pavement Thickness for weak and Strong Subgrade Soils
2491   Applications of Nanotechnology in Cancer: A literature Review on Imaging and Treatment
2492   EEG-Based Drowsiness Tracking during Distracted Driving based on Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI)
2493   MIMO Based Frequency Stability in Micro Grid with Adjustable Storage System
2494   Improved Power Tracking Performance with IC MPPT for A PV Solar Farm as Statcom
2495   PENDRIVE to PENDRIVE Data Transfer without PC
2496   Eyeball Movement Cursor Control
2497   Geographic Routing in Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks among Obstacles
2498   Smart Parking System: Dynamic Resource and Systematic Allocation of Parking Slots using Sensors
2499   Mechanical Properties of HDPE Polymer Composites
2500   Efficiency of the Secured Real Wi-Fi Network: The Case Study of the Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, India
2501   Mitigation of Security Attacks using Dark-Pots Implementation Using HoneyPots
2502   Mediguide’s Cloud Based Service
2503   Energy Valorization by Continuous Catalyst Pyrolysis of Tropical Vegetable Oils
2504   128 Bit Polynomial Authentication using Facial Recognition Technique
2505   Survey Paper on E-Services
2506   I-ChopHouse
2507   Forensic Sketch-Photo Matching using LFDA and Pre-Processing Algorithm
2508   Report on E- Campus System
2509   WiFi Authentication through Social Networks
2510   Power Quality Improvement by Custom Power Devices- A Review
2511   Integration of Medical Scopy with MEDNET Software
2512   Digital Door Lock System using MQTT on ESP8266
2513   An Ethnobotanical Survey of Medicinal Plants used by Gujjar and Bakerwal Community of Tehsil Manjakote of District Rajouri J&K State (India)
2514   Considerations of Connecting Rod, Piston and Gudgeon Pin in Reciprocating Air Compressor
2515   A Case Study of Hybrid Solar-Wind Grid Connected System at Sanmati College of Engineering,Washim
2516   Experimental Evaluation of Bearing Capacity of Skirted Footings
2517   Position-Based Compressed Channel Estimation and Pilot Design for High-Mobility OFDM Systems
2518   On Soft GSR-Closed Sets in Soft Topological Spaces
2519   Comprehensive Analytical Study of Wind Power Generating System
2520   A Review on Built in Self Test
2521   Study of QPSK, BPSK, DP-QPSK and PDM
2522   Invariant Image Classification and Dynamic Histogram Shifting for Reversible Watermarking
2523   Vibration Analysis of Rotating Shaft with Slant Crack
2524   Preventing Privacy Leakage from Photos in Social Networks
2525   Face Recognition from Invariant Illumination Based On Textural Analysis and Machine Learning Approach
2526   A Multi-Level PWM Inverter Employing Series-Connected Capacitors Paralleled to a Single Voltage Source for Renewable Energy Systems
2527   An Energy Efficient VM Allocation using Best Fit Decreasing Minimum Migration in Cloud Environment
2528   Dynamic Analysis of Suspension System using FE Method
2529   Efficient Centroid Selection to Improve k-Means Clustering Performances
2530   A Surface Water Scenario in Dhule District of Maharashtra
2531   Live Twitter Knowledge as a Corpus for Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining
2532   Perceived Exertion in Brush Cutter Operation
2533   A Survey on Detection of APT Malware Infections and Traffic Based on Malicious DNS
2534   A Survey Based on Mobile Cloud Computing in Health Care Application and Big Data Logistic
2535   Smart Secure System using Parallel AES
2536   Design and Implementation of Dual Axis Solar Tracking Device to Improve Energy Efficiency
2537   Proposed Scheme for Prediction of Fault Proneness Using Ck Metrics
2538   Phytotherapical Approaches for the Treatment of Different Ailments by the Tribal Peoples of District Poonch of Jammu and Kashmir
2539   To Study Analysis of Two Stage Grid Connected PV system using different MPPT Technique
2540   Analysis of Voltage at PCC for Two-Stage Grid Connected PV System with and Without Filter
2541   Behavior of Consumer Ratings in Internet Commerce
2542   Searching the Closest Neighbor by Retrieving Information Based on Multiple Keywords
2543   Automatically Detecting and Correcting Information Errors in a Database Using Web-based Technique
2544   Secured Cloud Via Anti Collusion Data Sharing Scheme for Dynamic Groups
2545   Survey on Cloud Infrastructure Resource Allocation for Big Data Applications
2546   Survey on Cloud-Based Multimedia Content Protection
2547   Optimization of Gating System and Risering System for Casting of Valve Body using ADSTEFAN Simulation Software
2548   Analysis of Cancer Affected Areas in Terms of Medical Field
2549   Non-Performing Assets (NPA) Of Regional Rural Banks of Maharashtra: A Comparative Analysis
2550   Smart City Waste Management
2551   Comparative Analysis of Activated Sludge Process and Moving Bed Bio-Reactor (MBBR) Technology of Nesapakkam Sewage Treatment Plant-40mld
2552   On Supra Regular Generalized Star Star b- Closed Continuous and Irresolute Functions and -Spaces in Supra Topological Spaces
2553   Characterization of Controlled Low Strength Material using Native Soil
2554   Performance Analysis of Constructed Wetland to Treat Wastewater from Dairy Industry
2555   Wireless Oscilloscope for Android Mobile Phone
2556   Poisonous GAS and Radiation Detection Monitoring using Internet of Things
2557   Experimental Study on Development of Correlation between CBR & Dynamic Cone Penetration Test
2558   Review on Programming ESP8266 with Over the Air Programming Capability
2559   An Effective Approach to Automate ERP Educational System for Multiuser Environment
2560   Dynamic Analysis of Composite Propeller of Ship Using FEA
2561   Brain Tumor MRI Image Segmentation using FCM and SVM Techniques
2562   Studies on Development of Ecofriendly Concrete by Utilization of Pond Ash and Lime
2563   Intelectual Movements of Nineteenth Century and Nationalism in India-as Reviewed by professor Heimsath
2564   Real Time Online Early Forest Fire Detection using WSN in the Western Himalayan Region of India
2565   A Review on Submerged ARC Welding
2566   Probability Based Approach for Predicting Breach Width for Barak Valley, Assam
2567   Effect of Aspect Ratio in Slurry Infiltrated Fibre Concrete
2568   Analysis of Seasonal Variations of Physico-chemical Characteristics of River Nambul Imphal, Manipur
2569   Implementation of PLC-SCADA Based Generator Protection System
2570   Review Paper on a Fuel Cell Scooter
2571   Microarray Gene Expression Data Classification with Random Forest
2572   Experimental Analysis of Interface Temperature and Axial Shortening in Bi-Metallic Al-Cu Friction Welding
2573   Design of Power Efficient 6 Transistor CMOS Full Adder
2574   Meteorological Investigation of the Airplane Crash in Diyarbakır Airport on 8 January 2003
2575   Soil Nailing for Slope Stabilization An Overview
2576   Movie Recommender System Movies4u
2577   EEG Based Attention Tracking During Distracted Driving
2578   PV MPPT based Burp Charge Technique for Battery Storage Control in Hybrid DC Microgrid
2579   A Comparative Assessment on Fault Location Methods Using Travelling Wave Theory
2580   A Computing Tool for Diagnosis Pulmonary TB Based on Cough
2581   Opinion Mining of Social Data Using Hadoop
2582   Smart Class Attendance Monitoring System
2583   Analysis of Hybrid Filter for Harmonic Mitigation and Reactive Power Support
2584   Autonomous Mobile Mesh Networks with Failure Recovery Scheme
2585   PV-Active Power Filter for Non linear Load and Compensation of Utility Current
2586   Survey on Secure Energy Efficient Communication in Clustering for Wireless Sensor Networks
2587   Analysis of Different Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud Computing Environment – A Performance Evaluation Study
2588   Design and Analysis of a Crank Shaft
2589   Design and Analysis of Universal Coupling Joint
2590   Design and Numerical Investigation of Hexagonal Honeycomb Sandwich Panels
2591   Studies on the Uncertainty for Material Requirement Planning in Industries and its Solution
2592   Plant Leaf and Disease Detection by Using HSV Features and SVM Classifier
2593   Analysis on Bus Body Aerodynamics & Fuel Efficiency in City Buses
2594   Greenhouse Automation using Wireless System
2595   Design and Implementation of CMOS ALU using Reversible Logic
2596   Geodetic Dominating Sets and Geodetic Dominating Polynomials of Cycles
2597   Some Fixed Point Theorems in b_G-Metric Space
2598   Three Level Neutral-Point-Clamped (NPC) Inverter for a Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Battery Storage Integration
2599   An Experimental Method on the Counter Flow Vortex Tube
2600   IVRS Based Intelligent Train Position System
2601   Applying Load Separation Method in Structured Peer To Peer overlay Networks
2602   Turbo Encoding and Decoding Techniques for Secure and Reliable Data Transmission in Wireless Networks
2603   Spectrum Handoff and Power Adaptaion in MIMO-Mobile CRN
2604   PAPR Reduction in SFBC MIMO OFDM System Using AMS Schemes
2605   Tampering Detection for Encrypted Compressed Video Watermarking Using Bit Substitution for Copy Right Protection
2606   Weather Forecasting Using Hadoop
2607   Domination Parameters of (P_n )^k and its Realization
2608   Design and Analysis of Four Wheeler Car Bumper
2609   Android Application for College Management System
2610   FPGA Based High Speed, Low Power Matrix Multiplier using Urdva Tiryakbhyam Algorithm
2611   GPU Accelerated Image Segmentation using Cascaded Hierarchical Models
2612   A Study on Employee Welfare Facilities and Its Impact on Employee Satisfaction at Hotel Industry with Special Reference to Mysuru District
2613   Web Service Recommendation Using Location-Aware and Personalized Collaborative Filtering
2614   Multi-Criterial Analysis on Choosing Epoxidized Vegetable Oils for Insulation Material and Plastic Manufacturing
2615   Comparative Assessment of Wind Turbine Alternatıves for Wind Farms
2616   Hydro Fog Fire Fighting System
2617   Analysis of Various Load Balancing Techniques in Computational Grid: An Assessment
2618   Advance Serving Robot for Restaurant
2619   Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis of Material Handling Semi Automatic Hydraulic Lift In Industry
2620   Public-Key Encryption for Data Sharing over a Cloud by Implementing Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem
2621   Trajectory Control of a Variable Loaded Servo System by using Fuzzy Iterative Learning PID Control
2622   A Survey On: Web Service Recommendation Using Location Aware and Personalized Collaborative Filtering
2623   Secure Routing Protocol for MANETs Using Requisite Trust-Based
2624   Secret Data Sharing Through Image by Using LWT and LSB Steganography Techniques
2625   Brain Computer Interface Home Control System
2626   Design and Optimization of FINFET Based Schmitt Trigger Using Dual Sleep Method
2627   On Centre Fixed Vertex Covering Number and Polynomial of Some Standard Graphs
2628   Performance Analysis of Secure Route Optimization Protocol
2629   Fast Video Conversion Using Hadoop Map Reduce Framework
2630   A Review On Multi Objective Parameters Optimization in CNC Turning Operation on H-13 Material by using RSM
2631   A Fully-Integrated Low-Dropout Regulator with Full Spectrum Power Supply Rejection
2632   A Survey on: Improved Reliability of Distributed Deduplication System using Variable Size Hashing
2633   Mobile IPV6 Route Optimization
2634   Intelligent Push Notification for Mobile Intranetwork in College Environment using Web Server
2635   Design and Simulation of Solar Photovoltaic Based Stand-Alone Scheme Having Battery as Energy Storage for Grid Connected System
2636   Renewable Energy Source for Super Capacitor Based UPQC to Improve Voltage Compensation
2637   A Review on Consistency Model for Cloud: A Service
2638   Review of Grid Integration of Hybrid Generation
2639   Irrigation Scheduling Of Salad Cucumber inside a Polyhouse Using Cropwat Model
2640   Static Structural Analysis of load frame for Polariscope
2641   Real Time Patient Health Monitoring and Alarming Wireless Sensor Network
2642   Review Paper on Bike Chassis for Stability of Rider by Ergonomic
2643   Review Paper on Wheel Rim
2644   Dual Watermarking For High Protective Copyright System Using Encryption Algorithm
2645   Security Issues and Challenges Combined with Big Data and Cloud Computing
2646   Memory Corruption Basic Attacks and Counter Measures
2647   Emission and Dynamic Characteristics of Three Way Catalytic Converter by Computational Fluid Dynamics
2648   Emergency Notification Services Application Design for Mobile Devices
2649   Load Forecasting Using an Artificial Neural Network
2650   Improvement of Overall Equipment Effectiveness of CNC Lathe Machine
2651   Design Analysis of 3-D Spatial Linkage Mechanism Based Wobble Mixer For A Paint Mixing Application
2652   Intelligent Car Parking System
2653   Solving Economic Load Dispatch Problem Using Particle Swarm Optimization
2654   Effect of Paratelphusa Hydrodromous hemolymph as antimicrobes
2655   Secure Storage Outsourcing Protocol in Mobile Cloud Computing A SURVEY PAPER
2656   Optimization of Process Parameters to Achieve Reduced Tool Wear and Increased Tool Life Using Alumina Based Ceramic Cutting Tools in Milling
2657   A Review on Detection and Prevention of SQL Injection Attack
2658   Water Supply Management System for Municipal Corporation - A SURVEY PAPER
2659   “Filtering System for Online Social Networking Users” - A SURVEY PAPER
2660   Criminal Identification System based on Advance Clustering Techniques
2661   Voice Recognition cum Real Time Sensor Application based Home Automation using Raspberry Pi Device
2662   Strength and Failure Analysis on Structural Truss by using Finite Element Analysis
2663   Document Image Compression using Hybrid Compression Technique
2664   BCI Based Systems to Control Cursor Movement using Various Techniques: Survey Report
2665   Monitoring Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphor and Water Contents of Agricultural Soil by Reflectance Spectroscopy using ASD Fieldspec Spectroradiometer
2666   Association Rule Mining Method for Applying Encryption techniques in Transaction Data
2667   Short Term Power Demand Forecasting
2668   Assessment of Water Quality Status of Musi River A Tributory of River Krishna in India
2669   Some Fixed Point Theorems using Property E.A. in Fuzzy Metric Spaces
2670   Harmonic Mitigation Methods for Wind Energy Conversion Systems
2671   Major Ion Chemistry of Ground Water of Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy Areas of A.P, India in the Year -2007
2672   Experimental Investigation in Shielding for Ionizing Radiation for Industrial Radiography
2673   Oil and Gas Industries Exploration Monitoring using Ultra Wide Band Sensor Networks
2674   Design and Analysis of Four Wheeler Airless Tire
2675   Safety System Implementation in Iron Foundry
2676   Dry Abrasive Material Used in Steel Coating by Blasting Process for Modification of Containment System
2677   Human Hazards Reduce in Pneumatic Operated Buses Using Integrated Safety Systems
2678   Wireless Network System Used To Monitoring Emission of Carbon Dioxide Gas in Industrial Areas
2679   Designing Video Processing Surveillance System
2680   Boost Inverter Based Single Phase Grid Connected Fuel Cell System
2681   Frequency Regulation and Reactive Power Control with Wind Turbine as Smart Load Backup
2682   MAMDANI Rule Based FLC for PQ Problem with Eight Switch Power Conditioner
2683   Evaluation of Air Quality in Terms of Health on a Regional Basis in Istanbul
2684   Ecological Significance of Macro Invertebrates as an Indicator of Environmental Pollution
2685   EXAFS Studies of CU (II) Complexes using Synchrotron Radiation Source
2686   SVM Based Speech Emotion Recognition Compared with GMM-UBM and NN
2687   IoT Based Embedded Smart Lock Control System
2688   Secure Privacy Protected Data Sharing Between Groups in Public Cloud
2689   Isolated Zeta Converter For BLDC motor Control With Hysterises Current controller
2690   Power Allocation in Mobile CRN for MIMO-OFDM System using Waterfilling Algorithm with Spectrum Handoff
2691   Tongue Controlled Wheel Chair Movement
2692   Implementation of Articulation Point Technique into MCDS Based Routing in MANET
2693   Data Analytics Using Data Mining
2694   Hard Real Time Task Execution on Virtual Hardware Using EDF Scheduling Policy
2695   Enhancement of Engine Performance and Reduction of Emissions by changing Piston Geometry
2696   Content Parsing Using Data Mining TF-IDF algorithm implementation
2697   A Survey on Students Analysis through Social Media
2698   A Survey on Wrist Wearable Devices and Systems for Supporting Elderly Computer Learners
2699   Effect of Inlet Air Swirl on Four Stroke Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Performance
2700   License Plate Matching using Plate Recognition with Modified Normalized Edit Distance
2701   Mixed Micellization and Thermodynamic Parameters of Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate & Tween 20: Effect of Addition of Solvents
2702   A Study on Provable Multicopy Dynamic Data Possession in Cloud
2703   Review Paper on Novel Collusion-Resistant Technique to Ensure Outsourced Revocation in Cloud Computing
2704   Grass-Root Level Reach of Microfinance Facilities for Alleviation of Rural Poor
2705   A Review on Various Graphical Password Schemas over Shoulder Surfing Attack
2706   Optimization of Quality Characteristics of Nylon-6 in Textile Machine using a Robust Combined Method
2707   A Survey on High Performance Learning Machine: A Complete Toolbox for Bigdata Applications
2708   A Survey on Big Data Analytics in Mobile Cellular Networks
2709   OFDM-Based Power Line Communication Enhancement Using RSC Coding with Adaptive Noise Compensator
2710   Design and Analysis of an Efficient Power and Area Magnitude Comparator Using GDI at 130nm
2711   A Comprehensive Survey on Various Graphical Password Schemas against Shoulder Surfing Attack
2712   Leverageing Route Saving in Location Based Services on VANET Using KNN
2713   A Survey on Smart Parking System Based on Internet of Things
2714   Analysis of Various Image Compression Scheme: A Performance Evaluation Study
2715   Various Cryptographic Techniques: An Overview
2716   Internet of Vehicles Based Smart Vehicular Networks
2717   Security Enabled Group Key Agreement in Multi Cloud
2718   Solar cell
2719   Investigation of an Air Enhancement Device on the Performance of a Desiel Engine
2720   Experimental Investigation on Performance, Combustion Characteristics of Diesel Engine by Using Cotton Seed Oil
2721   Experimental Study on Shear Behavior of FRP Retrofitted T-Beams
2722   Introduction of Transportation Time and Minimization of Lateness Cost Function in Special Class of N-Jobs, 3-Machines Sequencing Problem
2723   Effect of Tool Shape on Mechanical Properties and Micro structure of Friction Stir Welded Aluminum alloys
2724   Effect of Intake Manifold Inclination on Performance and Emission Parameters of 4-Stroke Single Cylinder C.I. Engine
2725   A Survey On Chatbot Conversational Systems
2726   Linear Static and Dynamic Analysis of Impeller Type Centrifugal Pump with Different Materials
2727   Intake Manifolds and Their Effects on Performance of C. I. Engine
2728   Investigation and Modeling of a Four Stroke Single Cylinder DI Diesel Engine under Various Injection Timings
2729   An Experimental Investigation of Combustion, Emissions and Performance of a Diesel Fuelled HCCI Engine
2730   Study of Swirl and Tumble Motion Using CFD
2731   A Survey on Novel Approach for Biomedical Named Entity Recognition Using Db-Scan
2732   ZigBee A Wireless Network
2733   Fertigation Automation System for Poly Houses
2734   Experimental Investigations and Empirical Modelling for WEDM Process by Using ANN and RSM